INSEE Ecocycle Lanka and CEA sign historic sustainable waste management agreement for island wide analytical laboratories

businesscafe INSEE Ecocycle Lanka and CEA sign historic sustainable waste management agreement for island wide analytical laboratories

Businesscafe - INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited, the nation’s pioneering waste management solutions and a fully owned subsidiary of Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited, signed a historic and the country’s first-ever sustainable waste management agreement with the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) for its island-wide Analytical Laboratories wash off disposal procedure using cement kiln co-processing reducing environmental impacts responsibly.

Signatories to the agreement were Siripala Amarasinghe, Chairman, Central Environmental Authority and Nandana Ekanayake, Chairman Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited.

Also present on the occasion were Hemantha Jayasinghe, Director General of CEA, Sanjeewa Chulakumara, Director INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited together with senior officials from both organizations.

Commenting on the occasion Nandana Ekanayake, Chairman Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited said “INSEE Ecocycle has diversified its waste management solutions portfolios beyond cement kiln co-processing to other environmental solutions including Total Service Solutions, Resource Recovery, Analytical Laboratory Solutions, Chemical waste management, Industrial Cleaning, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management, Emergency response etc.

This is yet another milestones project of Ecocycle catering to a timely needed national requirement to handle laboratory wash off and we are proud to launch this solution in collaboration with the Central Environmental Authority.”

Commenting on the agreement, Sanjeewa Chulakumara, said,

“We understand the chemistry of waste streams and are specialized in waste management solutions, co-processing and environmental solutions.

Through this expertise we can manage the risk and safeguard our clients’ reputations.

Implementing this milestone solution at the CEA Central Laboratory at Battaramulla will be followed with similar installation at their labs island-wide, demonstrating our contribution towards sustainability and ecological awareness for all communities.”

To-date there was no suitable solution for analytical laboratory waste in the country and hazardous waste were accumulated at the laboratory premises or due to misconduct it was discharged into the open environment such as drains, soil or natural water streams etc.

As a result, environmental impacts could have included soil acidification or soil alkalization, eradicating of aquatic plants and animals, possible ground water contamination, acid rains and ozone depletion.

Similarly devastating human health impact such as skin cancers, liver damage, blindness, neurological disorders, adverse pregnancy outcomes and bioaccumulation were a possibility.

“When waste is eventually removed from the laboratory, it affects individuals other than those who acquired or generated it, and, ultimately, society as a whole. As the CEA we have a duty to minimize the potential and adverse impact of waste in the public sphere.

To ensure prudent and sustainable practices in waste management in our labs we have signed an important agreement with INSEE Ecocycle.

Their proven expertise and track record will ensure an optimal solution,” stated Siripala Amarasinghe.

The waste management solution which will be carried out at the CEA, Head Office laboratory will also be extended to their nine regional labs across the country.

Apart from the CEA Labs, INSEE Ecocycle is committed to supporting the waste management and disposals needs at national level, and aims to replicate these solutions in all analytical laboratories countrywide including universities, government institutions and private companies etc.

With proven expertise in environmental services and waste management, INSEE Ecocycle’s solution for laboratory wash off comprises a wider programme.

This includes but not limited to the initial laboratory visit and technical observation, laboratory wash off sample collection and analysis, profiling and solution development, civil structure building and fabrication for chemical wash off collection point by providing the containers to collect the waste, periodic laboratory wash off collection at the laboratory premises and final sustainable solution through cement kiln co-processing after neutralization and pre-processing the waste.

In addition, INSEE Ecocycle will provide continued awareness to laboratory staff on proper wash off management procedures and instructions to be displayed within the premises.

Having paved the way for sustainable waste management in Sri Lanka, pioneering circular economy-based waste management solutions, today INSEE Ecocycle supports more than 1000 enterprises in the country including public sector and private organizations.

Ecocycle also has a wider footprint in South East Asia, mainly spread across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Businesscafe Image - Nandana Ekanayake, Chairman Siam City Cement (Lanka) limited exchanging the historic agreement with Siripala Amarasinghe, Chairman, Central Environmental Authority and Officials from both organisations were also present.

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