The Road to Rights launches #ActiontoImpact multi-stakeholder campaign to drive Sustainability dialogue in Sri Lanka

Thursday, 12 August 2021 04:10


Businesscafe - The youth led international organization Road to Rights recently launched #ActionToImpact, Sri Lanka’s first ever multi stakeholder campaign that aims to help localize SDGs for a better world.

#ActionToImpact is a timely response to the global SDG initiatives carried out by the UN and partner organizations to address the world’s most critical issues by 2030.

Aligning those efforts to the Sri Lankan context, this campaign will act as a platform that mobilises stakeholders, businesses, civil society, youth and the government to achieve long-term sustainable development in Sri Lanka.

The virtual launch ceremony was graced by the presence of Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power, Ms. Marina Ponti, Global Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign in Bonn, Ms. Simrin Singh ILO Country Office for Sri Lanka and the Maldives Mr. Ashan Perera Founder - The Road to Rights, Dr. Ravi Fernando Chairman / CEO Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability & Founder of UN Global Compact Sri Lanka and Mrs. Chamindry Saparamadu Director General of Sustainable Development Council of Sri Lanka.

The insightful event also saw the inauguration of the ActionToImpact digital platform

This platform will drive the sustainability dialogue forward by uniting stakeholders, youth, university students, volunteers and academia to collaborate in sustainability development, to share knowledge and resources, research data, etc.

Acknowledging the #ActionToImpact campaign, H.E. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa shared a special statement,

“I strongly believe that collaboration will be key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which must bring together all sectors, including youth, the private sector, academia and governmental institutions.

Towards that end, the #ActionToImpact National Campaign is a significant effort in building a multi-stakeholder national platform to leverage local communities and make Sri Lanka a sustainable nation.

Significantly, the campaign has brought various stakeholders together, including the initiation of the G17 University Ambassadors Consortium, the largest undergraduate platform on SDGs in Sri Lanka to empower upcoming young professionals, and the Celebrity Ambassadors Network to reach millions of people to become a part of the sustainability dialogue and social impact.

I invite you all to take part in this commendable initiative.”

Sharing his thoughts on the ActionToImpact campaign, Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power said,

“I would like to appreciate the Road to Rights, partner organizations and all those who are involved, for organizing this timely campaign for the betterment of the country.

This effort especially assures Sri Lanka’s unreserved commitment to fight the challenges posed by the climate change by integrating efforts of all stakeholders of the energy industry to a focused, meaningful, and viable response.”

Alongside the campaign launch, the ActionToImpact week featuring discussions from international speakers was announced.

The opening forum enlightened the audience to valuable insights on the importance of localising SDGs in Sri Lanka.

The Social forum on 8th August features a discussion on Build Back Better and Sustainable in post Covid-19 era, the Media roundtable on 10th to discuss the Role of Media and Communication in achieving SDGs, the Youth forum on 12th to discuss on Youth innovation in creating a sustainable Sri Lanka, the Environment forum on 14th to discuss Restorative and Regenerative Actions to sustain Sri Lanka’s Ecosystem.

The ActionToImpact week will round off with the Business Forum, which will discuss about the Business response to Climate emergency.

Ms. Marina Ponti Global Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign in Bonn applauded the initiative by saying “#ActionToImpact campaign is a stellar example on how strategic advocacy can make a difference.”

Mr. Ashan Perera, Founder - The Road to Rights organization said,

“As the #ActionToImpact National initiative brings people together to make Sri Lanka a Sustainable Nation, I strongly believe that new ideas and the positive energy of young people can truly make an impact.

#ActionToImpact is a 9-year long journey that will bring about timely initiatives to address the issues faced by various community in Sri Lanka while paying attention to address climate change and natural disasters.

Among the key objectives of the ActionToImpact campaign, it is going to play a vital role in creating awareness on SDGs through forums, discussions, symposiums and social media.

The campaign organizers will collaborate with provincial and district level institutions to identify specified issues in those areas and mediate in addressing those issues with the support from the relevant authorities.

The ActionToImpact celebrity endorsement project has so far fuelled the growth of the campaign and will continue to be a vital component in reaching out to the audience.

Addressing the lack of research material on SDGs, the campaign organizers have planned to conduct a National Research Symposium on Sustainability Development in 2022.

The campaign has identified the active involvement of youth to promote SDGs.

In order to achieve this, the organizers have planned to launch the G17 University Ambassadors consortium, which activates the youth participation in achieving SDGs.

The #KIDS4SDGS national platform will mobilize kids and equip the next generation to embrace sustainability initiatives in the future.

The Road to Rights organization invites all segments of the society to be a part of this sustainability dialogue by registering via .

ActionToImpact Launch Ceremony

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