Get accounting degree in Sri Lanka with Royal Institute of Colombo

Thursday, 10 November 2022 06:35

 Get accounting degree in Sri Lanka with Royal Institute of Colombo

Businesscafe - Pursue a professional accounting degree at Royal Institute Colombo now.

This is the perfect time for you to groom yourself with the best educational qualification to prepare yourself to reach up your dream career by making a demanding profile.

Being an outstanding and renowned educational institute in Sri Lanka Royal Institute is ready to offer you a series of valid course units that match the international standard of qualified professional accounting degrees.

The courses that we have designed for you not just giving the fundamental elements of account but it will also cover the theoretical profound and practical insights as well.

This is why the degrees that we offer at our institute have a considerable demand in the industry.

Our specially designed program will allow you to acquire a detailed experience for getting the confidence required to conquer the world with the best career opportunities in various fields.

If you are holding a minimum qualifications of 5 GCEs at Grade A-E or acceptable equivalents of either GCE ordinary level OR Advanced level (national / London) or Cambridge or Edexcel we are happy to say that you will be eligible to register for the accounting degree program offered by Royal Institute Colombo.

Our respective coerce units are designed to cover in 3 years.

The 1st year program is consisting with Level 100 courses that cover introduction to economics, Statistics 1 (half course) and Mathematics 1 (half course), principles of banking and finance and principles of accounting that are going as compulsory units.

The second year will enroll you with the knowledge microeconomics, financial reporting, management accounting that are going as mandatory courses and for optional financial management or asset pricing and markets available.

Your third year is designed to auditing and assurance, and accounting theories while one 200 to 300 course (or two half courses) from any selection group are considered as optional units.

The student who successfully completed the relevant courses in respective years only will be qualified to continue the course.

The specialty about Royal Institute Colombo is you are not just getting an opportunity to achieve a valuable degree that has a remarkable validity in the industry but also to trail your dream career because we are also ready to offer you great opportunities in the positions in the industry related to accountants, investment advisors, finance technology developers/ financial analysists/ financial economists, financial risk analysists, business developers, market research analysts and many more.

The degree that you read at Royal Institute Colombo covers a comprehensive range of industrial exposure that is doubtfully offers you a practical understanding about the industry while you can get ready to plan your future with the exciting career opportunities that we are preparing for you.

For more information or to get yourself registered for the upcoming intake.

Leave your dreams and prospects with and Royal Institute Colombo is ready to make the foundation for your most awaited dreams to build up your future.

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