New research explores the experiences of teachers with disabilities in education systems worldwide

New research explores the experiences of teachers with disabilities in education systems worldwide

Businesscafe - The British Council in Sri Lanka is proud to announce the release of a groundbreaking publication titled "Being a Teacher with Disabilities: Perspectives, Practices, and Opportunities."

This comprehensive report delves into the challenges, opportunities, policies, and support networks encountered by teachers with disabilities within education systems in Sri Lanka and four other countries where the research was conducted.

The report, a result of extensive research and collaboration, sheds light on the lived experiences of English language and other subject teachers with disabilities in national education systems in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Jordan, Rwanda and Spain.

It features primary data from interviews with 25 teachers who identified themselves as having visible or non-visible disabilities, providing invaluable insights into the ways in which these educators navigate their working lives.

A striking theme emerging from the Sri Lankan teacher narratives was being a teacher at the periphery.

Even after working at the same school for an extensive period, some were not assigned timetables, that is, official teaching responsibilities were not formally allocated.

Chaminda, linked to a mainstream school in his village, said:

“I don’t have a timetable at present in my school.

Now I have been in this school for seven years.”

“Me not having a timetable can’t be my fault.

It is the principal who should be giving the timetable at the start of the year.

I have been here for the past seven years and people know that I have knowledge of my subject.

To provide a timetable is their job.

I can’t go requesting and upsetting other people and also parents coming to me to ask why I forcefully took a subject,” said Chaminda.

Orlando Edwards, British Council Country Director, said:

“In our efforts to build education systems that are inclusive and equitable, it is vital to consider the experiences and perspectives of teachers with disabilities.

Teachers play a crucial role in serving as positive role models and promoting inclusivity within the education sector.

Embracing inclusivity enhances the educational experience for students and contributes to a broader societal shift towards understanding, empathy and equal opportunity”.

In addition to firsthand accounts, the report presents findings from a thorough policy and literature review, offering a holistic view of the landscape surrounding teachers with disabilities.

The aim of this publication is to provide comprehensive insights and recommendations for organisations involved in international development.

By highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by teachers with disabilities, the report seeks to inspire leaders, educators, and researchers while influencing policy making for more inclusive education systems worldwide.

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