Samaposha Powers Provincial Schools Sports to Uplift Sporting Standards

Thursday, 11 July 2019 13:42

Plenty Foods (Pvt) Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of CBL, manufacturer of the nation’s popular cereal brand, Samaposha, with an aim of strengthening school sporting standards to national level has sponsored a series of separate sports meets in the Uva, North-Central, Eastern and North Western provinces commencing from 8 July 2019 onwards.

With sole sponsorship from Samaposha and in collaboration with the Provincial Educational offices, the meets will be held throughout the month of July in each of the provinces independently.

The meets will showcase a total of over 70 events with 500 schools from all the four provinces participating and 8000 sportsmen and women displaying their sporting talents.

Samaposha aims to present a several awards including the Winning School, Champion Sportsman and Woman, in addition to bestowing certificates to the winners.

Providing further support, Samaposha has also made arrangements to provide the participating sportsmen and women accommodation facilities, meals and other necessities helping them to compete to their fullest potential.

The Uva Provincial Sports Meet will be the first sports meet in the championship and will be held from 8-11 July at the Vincent Dias Stadium in Badulla.

Commenting on the event, Channa Karunasena, Assistant Director, Uva Provincial Department of Education said, “Since 1984, national sports festivals have taken place.

However, very little attention has been paid to build sporting talent of these children from the grassroots to national levels.

We are grateful to Samaposha as the sole sponsor who has come forward and for the first time we hope to successfully organise this sporting competition.”

The North-Central Provincial Sports Meet will be held from 11-14 July at the Anuradhapura Public Stadium.

Y.M.KH.K. Abeykoon, Deputy Provincial Director, North-Central Provincial Department of Education said, “For the past four years, Samaposha contributed towards showcasing and promoting the sporting talents of the children in the North-Central province.

They have also assisted these children in building a platform to gain prominence at the national sporting level.

This will be the fifth such sporting meet for the province.

Most of the participating children endure all challenges yet remain dedicated to their sporting dreams.

The support extended by Samaposha in creating this platform and promoting these children is immeasurable.”

The third Provincial Sports Meet will be held in the North-Western province from 17-20 July at the Sir Albert F. Peris Stadium in Wennappuwa. K.M. Rajathilake, Assistant Director, North-Western Provincial Department of Education said, “This Athletics Meet is being held for the third time in the North-Western province.

It is immensely praiseworthy that Samaposha is helping these sports sportsmen and women learn new skills and in turn uplifting their standards thus supporting them in their newly developed abilities to attain national recognition and fame for the country.”

The final and fourth Provincial Sports Meet will be held in the Eastern province from 24-28 July at the Leelarathna Grounds, Kantale.

E.G.P.I Dharmathilake, Assistant Director, Eastern Provincial Department of Education said, “After 30 years of war, we salute Samaposha as the first sole sponsor to lend support towards uplifting the sporting standards in the province.

This Provincial Sports Meet is extremely valuable event for the area and being held for the second time.

We are overjoyed that a totally locally manufactured brand has come forward and is committed this cause and our heartfelt thanks.”

Previously Samaposha had sponsored similar Sports Meets amongst two provinces.

With an aim of extending this important sporting event countrywide, Samaposha have now sponsored it among four provinces this year.

Commenting on this initiative, Jayanga Perera, General Manager, Marketing, CBL Food Cluster noted, “To build a healthy and nourished future generation, Samaposha has continuously sought to highlight the importance of a balanced morning meal.

Spreading awareness on the importance of a balanced breakfast among both children and parents, Samaposha has undertaken an islandwide Samaposha Breakfast Campaign titled ‘Breakfast eka Hari Wedagath’.

Samaposha is made from four locally sourced gains such as corn, rice, soya and green gram and has earned international accolades as an ideal food source for nourishment.

Samaposha helps to power the sportsmen and women and at the same time ensuring the future generation are healthier and nourished.

In addition through organising this momentous event Samaposha aims to strengthen and uplift the sporting standards to national levels.”

Shammi Karunaratne, Director/CEO, Plenty Foods (Pvt) Limited said, “While nourishment and strength is vital for the progress of these sportsmen and women, they also need dedication, patience, self-belief, discipline and other important characteristics.

Sports have the ability to produce respected personalities.

For over a decade we have been honoured to sponsor numerous championships including the Inter-School Football Tournament, the Up-country and Junior Athletics Meets and the Military Athletics Meet, all on grand scales.

Samaposha firmly believes in its responsibility towards uplifting our nation’s sporting standards towards international levels.”

Photo Caption : Shammi Karunaratne, Director/CEO (CBL Plenty Foods) together with Jayanga Perera, General Manager Marketing (CBL Food Cluster) hands over the Samaposha sponsorship for the Samaposha Provincial School Games 2019 to the Provincial Education Officers; H.G. Channa Karunasena, Assistant Director of Education (Physical Education & Sports - Uva Province), E.G.P.I. Dharmathilake, Assistant Director of Education (Physical Education & Sports - Eastern Province), H.K.M. Rajathilake, Deputy Director Education (Physical Education & Sports - North Western Province), Y.M.H.K. Abeykoon, Assistant Director of Education (Health, Physical Education & Sports - North Central Province) and Sunil Jayaweera, Special adviser for Minister of Education.

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