CIPM SL Shines with National Quality Award for Education Sector

Thursday, 12 September 2019 12:18

CIPM Sri Lanka – the Nation’s leader in human resource management was recently selected to be awarded the Merit Award for the Education Sector (Medium Category) for 2018 and received commendation certificate for 2017 at the National Quality Awards competition organized by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) for the years 2017 & 2018.

CIPM is the only organization in the education sector to be awarded the merit award.

The Award recognizes that CIPM Sri Lanka has initiated and is maintaining quality standard according to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) recommendations.

The Sri Lanka National Quality Awards Competition is an annual awards programme organized by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI) to recognize Sri Lankan organizations that excel in quality management and quality achievement in their respective businesses.

“Winning this Quality Award underscores our commitment to quality.

As a dynamic and fast growing professional body and business school, it is essential that we maintain very high standards so that we can be efficient in conducting all our activities.

Our stakeholders have high expectations and this Award signifies our efforts to efficiently cater to their requirements” said Dhammika Fernando-President, CIPM Sri Lanka.

The Annual Sri Lanka Quality Awards Competition evaluates contenders for its quality awards based on 7 factors namely Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Workforce Focus, Processes Management and Results.

These are the same evaluation criteria used for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards in the USA.

“An affirmation of our attention to quality by SLSI is a significant milestone in achieving our goals and objectives.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in helping us achieve this prestigious award” said P. G. Tennakoon-Chief Executive Officer, CIPM Sri Lanka who provided overall leadership, valuable advice and guidance as Management Representative and for the preparation of the CIPM Sri Lanka National Quality Awards Report which was submitted for evaluation by the SLSI.

“The President and the Executive Council of CIPM Sri Lanka provided strategic direction and fullest support and motivation to enhance the quality standards to achieve this award” he added signifying the importance of top management support in successfully implementing initiatives of this nature.

Further he mentioned that “Special thanks should go to Ms.Ruwani Seneviratna, Manager-Quality Assurance & Compliance for introducing quality standard initiatives & enhance for Quality standards to this level to achieve the awards.”

CIPM Sri Lanka’s initiative at the National Quality Awards was spearheaded by CIPM Sri Lanka Manager Quality Assurance & Compliance-Ruwani Senevirathne, who was supported by the Heads of Departments and staff members.

Some of the many quality related awards won by CIPM Sri Lanka in the past include the Merit Award at the JASTECA 5S award ceremony and ISO 9001:2008 certification from SLSI in 2012 (CIPM was the first professional Institute to receive ISO certification), Winner of a Commendation Award under the service sector-small scale at the National Productivity awards organized by the National Productivity Secretariat of the Ministry of Productivity in 2013, special commendation award under the service sector-small scale category at the awards program organized by the National Productivity Secretariat of Ministry of Productivity in 2014, commendation award at the Sri Lanka National Quality Awards program organized by the Sri Lanka Standard Institution(SLSI) in 2015, Winner of the Business Excellence award under the Educational Services category at the National Business Excellence Awards and Certificate of Conformity in ISO 9001:2015 for the CIPM Head Office and its branches by SLSI in 2017.

IPM was founded in 1959 – incorporated by Parliamentary Act No. 24 of 1976, amended by Act No. 31 of 2018.

It was elevated to Chartered Status by the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 28th September 2018 by amending the original act of establishment and renamed as Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (CIPM SL).

CIPM is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Foundation of Human Resource Management and to the World Federation of People Management Associations.

CIPM, being a professional institute is also a constituent member of the Organization of Professional Associations [OPA] Sri Lanka. Currently, CIPM comprises of over 1300 Professional Members who serve in both public and private organizations.


Photo Caption - CIPM Officials receiving the Commendation Certificate for 2017 (Left) and Merit award for 2018 (Right)

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