Softlogic Life records industry highest MDRT achievers for 2022

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Softlogic Life records industry highest MDRT achievers for 2022

Businesscafe - Softlogic Life, Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing life insurer, recently announced that 263 members of their sales team qualified for the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) membership in 2022, marking the highest-ever number of MDRT achievers in the history of Softlogic Life, and most importantly the highest number produced by any Company for the year.

Out of 263 members, 240 were certified as MDRT qualifiers, whereas 16 and 7 advisors received the prestigious Court of Table (COT) and Top of Table (TOT) status, respectively.

Celebrating this momentous achievement, Softlogic Life launched the 2023 MDRT program on the 23rd of February 2023, at Grandeeza Hotel, Negombo.

The event felicitated and commemorated all 2022 MDRT winners, and launched this year’s MDRT program to all MDRT Aspirants which themed “Be the Change – Lead the Field”
Congratulating all qualifiers for 2022, Iftikar Ahamed, Managing Director of Softlogic Life said,

"As a leading life insurance brand in Sri Lanka, producing the highest number of MDRT professionals for 2022 is an awesome achievement.

MDRT represents the pinnacle of ethical and knowledgeable client service, and we’ve broken another personal record this year by producing 263 achievers.

We believe that our greatest strength comes from the professionals we groom, and commit to investing in their training, providing unwavering support and creating ample opportunities for career growth.

I am extremely proud of our MDRT achievers who have demonstrated exceptional performance, and look forward to seeing them thrive and achieve even greater success in the future.”

"We are thrilled to have the highest-ever MDRT achievers in our company's history as well as in the industry.

This accomplishment testifies our team's hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence," said Indu Attygala, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Softlogic Life.

"At Softlogic Life, we view the MDRT membership as more than just a certification; it serves as a comprehensive guide to achieving personal and professional growth and falls in line with our fundamental 'whole-person concept'.

This holistic approach is reflected in the success of our MDRT members, who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate the dynamic insurance landscape and rise among the top advisors in the country.”

Serving as a testament to Softlogic Life’s commitment to elevating its employees’ holistic wellbeing, the Company’s long standing relationship with an esteemed organisation such as MDRT helps nurture and develop its employees to be all-rounders in every aspect of their lives.

MDRT members get access to exclusive meetings, networking opportunities and international training and development programs, alongside opportunities to attend exclusive events and interact with leading financial services professionals across the world.

Producing the highest number of MDRT achievers in the Insurance sector during challenging times is no easy task, however Softlogic Life continues to dominate the industry by spearheading the development of its employees alongside the Company.

With its unwavering commitment to produce qualified professionals, equipped with the latest industry knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service, Softlogic Life has proven to be a true trailblazer yet again.

Resulting from the exceptional performance of its sales team, Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing life insurer covers over 1.5Mn Sri Lankan lives and has cemented its position as the 2nd largest life insurance company in Sri Lanka.

Image Caption Left to Right Iftikar Ahamed – Managing Director of Softlogic Life and Indu Attygala – Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Softlogic Life

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