Clogard revives Mobile Dental Clinic programme for children in the North

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Clogard revives Mobile Dental Clinic programme for children in the North

Businesscafe - Clogard, one of the nation’s most trusted oral care brands from Hemas Consumer Brands have partnered with the Medical Officer of Health (MOH), on its continuous mission to educate school children about good oral hygiene to build a cavity-free nation.

This programme has been conducted for over 10 years and it is a testament to Clogard’s unwavering commitment to providing children across Sri Lanka with access to good oral care, to ensure that they all have an opportunity to maintain a healthy smile.

The programme consists of a robust curriculum on good oral hygiene practices, directory conducted by MOH doctors.

The educational outreach is vital for instilling lifelong healthy habits in children.

Additionally, the programme also offers free dental screenings for all primary school children.

Those requiring further investigation are promptly referred to the MOH for additional care, ensuring that no child is left out.

Identifying oral health issues is the very cornerstone of Clogard’s programme.

By spotting potential problems early, children are more likely to enjoy better oral health in the long term.

This initiative is crucial for the prevention of serious dental issues later in life, promoting overall well-being.

This year, Clogard has expanded its efforts in the Northern region of the country, with objective of reaching over 5000 children.

This expansion is also attributed to Clogard’s commitment to making a positive impact on the oral health of children nationwide.

Clogard’s longstanding reputation and credibility in the oral hygiene sector is solidified by partnerships with organisations like the MOH.

Both institutions have been working together to ensure that every child in the country receives access to the knowledge and resources necessary to maintain good oral health.

Clogard’s continuous efforts in empowering Sri Lankans with oral care truly reflect its dedication to creating a cavity-free nation.

Through education programmes, free screenings and early intervention, the company is empowering the next generation with the tools needed to ensure a healthy future.

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