Maldives first press release distribution system launched

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Maldives first press release distribution system launched

Businesscafe - News Publisher Lanka, a new generation corporate communications agency together with Publicity Bureau Studios - Maldives, launched in Maldives in June 2024.

It is Maldives’s first press release distribution system which simplifies the use of corporate communication tools at an affordable price.

As brands begin to expand their reach to international markets, garnering recognition as industry leaders, mechanisms to better improve the efficiency of communication distribution systems in Maldives are yet to meet increased industry needs.

Large investments needed for publicity have become a limiting factor for companies to scale their product or service offering to global markets.

News Publisher Online; the automation of news distribution hopes to garner media support whilst developing the industry.

The platform was created with three main stakeholders in mind.

Firstly, the media – working as a communications platform for editors to download press releases and high resolution images to pre-plan their pages where necessary; secondly, SMEs and entrepreneurs – enabling businesses to communicate their stories and innovations to an island wide audience through national newspapers; and thirdly, public relations agencies too can subscribe for customised packages for PR distribution to maintain quality of publicity garnered for their many clients.

Established in 2015, Publicity Bureau Studios is more than just a creative agency.

Renowned for rebranding Maldives ports limited and Fuel Supplies of Maldives, PBS strategized and designed all brand collaterals and campaigns for Maldives leading telecommunication brand Ooredoo, including conceptualizing and designing the most sought after annual calendars for the past 5 Years.

Commenting on the launch of the platform Navaim Naeem, Managing director of Publicity Bureau Studios

“We are thrilled about the launch of Maldives’s first press release distribution system in collaboration with News Publisher Lanka.

This marks a significant milestone in the country’s communication landscape.

This innovative platform is designed to streamline corporate communication tools at a reasonable cost, catering to the growing demand for more efficient communication distribution systems as Maldivian brands venture into the global market.”

Fiona Nanayakkara, Director - News Publisher Lanka stated:

“ We are happy to partner with Publicity Bureau, Maldives because it will benefit many organisations to reach their stakeholders.

I am excited for Maldives to experience the automation, as they will also now have flexible pricing and access to an efficient publicity process.

I am thankful to the Maldives media personnel for their support on making New Publisher Online Maldives possible”

Created as a web platform, provides users access to all national media editors in Sri Lanka and Maldives through the simplicity of an upload and click option.

News Publisher is set to change the face of marketing as we know it, reducing the cost of publicity by 20% and providing for the needs of additional PR services at guaranteed affordable rates, where necessary.

News Publisher’s brand core is rooted in sustainable, ethical and transparent practices, with its business model utilising industry experts to deliver the best in quality communication solutions through public relations, social media, advertorials, digital media marketing and industry forums.

Photo Captions Left to Right Fiona Nanayakkara, Director - News Publisher Lanka and Navaim Naeem, Managing Director - Publicity Bureau Studios

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