Yakka CNFT Project : Sri Lanka's First Cardano NFT Collection Showcases Traditional Art and Culture

Yakka CNFT Project

Businesscafe - Coin Ceylon, the pioneering blockchain company behind the very first Cardano stake pool and blockchain forum in Sri Lanka, proudly presents the Yakka (යක්ඛ) The 1st ever Cardano NFT Project to originate from Sri Lanka, with a groundbreaking collection of traditional Sri Lankan masks as Cardano NFTs with real life utility benefits.

This first-of-its kind project from Sri Lanka features 6,666 unique NFT masks, including 6000 stunning 2D designs and 666 captivating 3D animated masks, each inspired by authentic cultural folklore and Yakka masks dating back thousands of years.

The Yakka CNFT Project revolutionises the use of digital art by actively supporting and uplifting the dying traditional art of mask-making in Sri Lanka.

A portion of the funds raised from this project will be used to provide local artisans with essential supplies, equipment, and materials needed to create these intricate masks.

Coin Ceylon also plans to establish a tree farm reforestation program to sustain the art form while protecting the environment.

In addition to showcasing Sri Lankan art and culture, the Yakka CNFT Project aims to promote Sri Lanka as a lucrative tourist destination.

Holders of these unique NFT masks will be eligible for a range of exciting benefits, such as the opportunity to have a physical mask shipped to their location worldwide, access to airdrops, NFT drops, and partner benefits from global companies.

Moreover, three lucky winners will be selected through a draw to receive a fully sponsored one-week vacation in Sri Lanka, where they can witness the sacred 18 Sanniya dance ritual, experience the mask-making process firsthand, and discover the breathtaking beauty of the island.

Coin Ceylon invites you to explore this fascinating fusion of traditional art, culture, and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Visit the Yakka CNFT Project website at www.yakka.art to learn more and become a part of this unprecedented journey, which aims to preserve Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage while making a positive impact through the innovative use of NFTs and community building.

Last modified on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 03:46