Vogue Jewellers Launches “Charme D’elicat” Valentine’s Day Collection

Sunday, 25 February 2024 09:14

Vogue Jewellers Launches Charme Delicat Valentine s Day Collection

Businesscafe - Vogue Jewellers’ new Valentine’s Day collection, “Charme D’elicat”, was officially unveiled on the 10th of February 2024, amidst a special event held to mark the occasion.

“Charm D’elicat” is inspired by the essence of ethereal love, capturing delicate moments and emotions that make love so enchanting.

The range opts for a minimalist aesthetic, reflecting the purity and simplicity of love, and celebrating the enduring beauty of subtle gestures and heartfelt connections.

A number of key social influencers were present at the launch event, with Vogue Jewellers specifically collaborating with 18 lifestyle and fashion influencers to spread the shimmer of love during the Valentine’s Day season.

The guests at the event were treated to a variety of Valentine’s Day activities including a paint station, love letter writing station, live music, DIY flower bar, themed backdrop for photo ops, a Valentine’s-Day-themed candy cart and more.

The “Charme D’elicat” range is available at all Vogue Jewellers locations Islandwide.

Visit Vogue Jewellers’ Facebook or Instagram to see more, call 0771522365 for more information, or visit any Vogue Jewellers gallery to see the range for yourself.

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