Cathy Rich marks 25 years of food processing technology leadership in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s pioneer in food processing technology Cathy Rich marked the completion of 25 years in Sri Lanka.

To mark the special occasion, a number of special events were held in Cathy Rich Food Processing Training Center at Yodhagama, Embilipitiya.

One of the main events was the technical workshop on food processing which was conducted free of charge.

A very large number of entrepreneurs engaged in the food processing industry and ambitious entrepreneurs attended the all-day program.

The participants were of the view that they were able to gain a sound knowledge on food processing technology by this program, thus making their anticipations successful.

The Cathy Rich institution, which courageously advanced through its technical knowledge and skill for 25 years as a leading provider of full solutions on food technological services to the micro and small scale food processing sector in Asia.

The company has handed down over 20,000 entrepreneurs to society through its food processing technology programmes.

From then up to now, it is among their future goals to make further public awareness on the mission performed by introducing food processing technology to the country by Cathy Rich institution, and thereby to spread out its mission further.

A Dhamma sermon was held recently invoking religious blessings for success of these objectives while an alms giving was held for Bhikkus.

A special conversational program with the attendance of Cathy Rich associates was held at evening the same day with a special awards ceremony to appreciate of the service of Cathy Rich founders.

Cathy Rich Center also made this an opportunity to express their gratitude to all who offered their assistance for the success of its service throughout the last twenty five years.

Those who are interested in Food Processing Technology can obtain further information by writing to Mr. Jagath Basnayake, Center Manager, Cathy Rich Memorial Food Processing Center, Yodhagama, Embilipitiya, or calling 047 2230248. 

Last modified on Monday, 25 September 2017 04:09