Durdans Hospital Heart Centre Patient Experiences Very Quick Recovery with Minimally Invasive Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Mr. L. K. Ramaiah (56) a patient with severe coronary artery blocks underwent a heart surgery following a Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) but experienced a quick recovery due to a minimally invasive Bypass Surgery.

Durdans Heart Centre, the centre of excellence for all types of cardiac interventions has completed over 40,000 procedures since its inception in 1999 and today performs on many high risk patients who are unable to go through traditional surgery due to their age or medical history.

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Kesava Dev, the leading Resident Cardiac-thoracic Surgeon at Durdans Heart Centre who has over 9000 cardiac procedures to his name including numerous minimally invasive procedures performed an Off Pump Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery (MIDCABG) on Mr. Ramaiah who was diagnosed with unstable Angina and Single Vessel Coronary Disease where his left artery revealed a 100% block.

On the day of discharge, Mr. Ramaiah was fit enough to drive himself back home from hospital due to the lessened trauma on the body from the minimal invasive surgery.

Mr. Ramaiah says, “What I received from Dr. Dev and the team was the assurance that I was in safe hands.

They explained the procedure to me very well.

This gave me the confidence that the surgery would be a success.

The kind and cheerful disposition of Dr Dev and his team gave me hope and calmed my fears.

I saw the compassion in Dr Dev’s eyes in how he identified with my pain. Apart from being an outstanding surgeon, Dr. Dev is also an exceptional human being.

The care I received goes beyond what money can buy.

Even the nurses felt like family.”

Durdans Heart Centre is strengthened by an elite panel of cardiac specialists who perform numerous surgeries and procedures in a state of the art theatre complex, complete with modern equipment to meet global healthcare standards.

Located in the heart of Colombo, Durdans Hospital is in a widely accessible area and encompasses Colombo’s premier standalone, multi-storey car park for heightened convenience.

For comprehensive Cardiac Care call Durdans Heart Centre 011 2 140 200 or Cardiac Channelling 011 2 140 205

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