Hemas Hospital hosts ‘Gift of Life’; in celebration of excellence in transplant surgeries

Wednesday, 02 May 2018 04:54

Leading private healthcare services provider, Hemas Hospitals, held a celebration for being at the forefront of transplant surgeries, in the Country.

Recognizing that organ transplants can offer a new lease of life to many, the hospital held a social gathering, hosting recipients to an enjoyable ‘Gift of Life’ themed evening.

Held in Colombo, the event saw around 35 recipients, together with their families, connect with the donors, Consultant Nephrologists, Transplant Surgeons plus the hospital’s leadership management and staff, to hear stories of hope and a renewed life.

Healthcare leader in transplant surgeries, with a success rate of 100%, Hemas Hospitals multi-chain is equipped with all the necessary high-end equipment and state of the art infrastructure to perform the operation.

An eminent pool of renowned Transplant Surgeons, Nephrologists, Anesthetists, Intensive Care specialists, and Physicians deliver the highest standards of care.

Over the past decade the Institute has built up a reputation of excellence and expertise.

“For the first time in Sri Lanka, a hospital has been able to organize a get-together for patients who left the hospital after being cured, which was indeed a unique moment for us.

They have accepted our invitation sincerely and traveled a long way to attend this, which goes to show the bond and affection between Hemas Hospitals and our patients.

Our get together perfectly translated the quality and transparency of the services we offer for patients and their family members and their reactions at the get-together showed us how well they have embraced our value-added services. ”

Consultant Nephrologists Dr. Chanthana Galahitiyawa, explained.

He also said that the celebratory event exemplified the contribution of everyone in the society to raise awareness on the impact that organ transplantation has on the lives of those needing it.

He complimented the teams that manage the process efficiently and with ultimate safety and care.

Commenting on the significance of the procedure for patients Hemas Hospital Thalawathugoda General manager Mr. Prabhan Gunawardana said:

“For those who are suffering from organ failure, transplant gives them the chance to live again.

Transplant gives hope and life for those suffering from end-stage organ failure” he further explained that an ethics committee reviews all transplants that are carried out in the hospital to ensure highest compliance to Governmental regulations as well as standard ethics.

Given the easy access to top notch Consultants and Hemas Hospitals’ reputation in high standards of treatment and care, more patients are finding the emphasis placed by the hospital on guiding them and their families navigate the transplant journey as seamlessly as possible, much to their satisfaction.

“We are grateful to those individuals who made the decision to help others” said Mr.Gunawardana, while revealing that Kidney failure has become an epidemic in our country and this burden continues to be on the rise.

“Kidney transplantation remains the only definitive solution to such patients”, he noted.

The need is great. Nearly 60,000 patients in Sri Lanka are currently awaiting kidney transplant, according to the Organ Transplant Unit of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital.

About Hemas Hospitals

Hemas Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of Hemas Group, a leading Sri Lankan conglomerate that has business interests in four key sectors – FMCG, Health care, Transportation, Leisure and Strategic Investments.

The multi-specialty hospital chain comprises of 3 full-service hospitals at Wattala, Galle and Thalawathugoda along with 34 fully equipped laboratories and provides community-based expert health care services by positioning its chain of hospitals in strategic locations outside the commercial hub of Colombo.

It guarantees patients the highest safety standards backed by full international accreditation and was the first hospital in Sri Lanka to be recognized by the prestigious accreditation body, Australian Council for Healthcare Standards.

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