Buying a used car isn’t a compromise but an opportunity for happiness

Sunday, 07 February 2021 06:36

businesscafe iamage Buying a used car isnt a compromise but an opportunity for happiness

Businesscafe Your Business Media Partner - For most people, buying a used car, especially first timers, is a long term commitment and a seriously daunting task.

The quest to select the perfect used vehicle does not mean a compromise on quality.

Simply by knowing what to look for in a prospective used car will help you buy with confidence.

When looking to buying a used car it is not only the choice of the vehicle that you have to make but many other factors are important before you decide which is best for you.

Here are few tips to guide you;

Homework helps

When you have finalised on the choice of car, do some homework on the going rates of the vehicle you are interested in.

Also, familiarise yourself with the features of the car as this will be helpful in spotting features that may be missing on the car.

All this information will put you on firmer ground when buying.

Appearance and condition

While the outer façade of the vehicle may look clean and buffed, what is underneath is what matters.

Take a very thorough look and make an assessment of the car – check the condition of the tyres, if any repairs have been done, any tell-tale signs of an accident, inspect the interiors and check the condition; if any signs of rust; all electricals and lights and air conditioning.

Mileage matters

Checking the mileage of the vehicle is important.

Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka some sellers change the mileage of a vehicle as a false representation of the actual usage of the vehicle to disguise its levels of wear and tear.

Requesting maintenance and service record will help to gauge if the mileage and seller are genuine.

Worry free warranty

When acquiring a used car, ask the seller if it is possible to review the car’s warranty or service contract.

Only genuine cars receive a warranty and the vehicle maybe covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

AMW provides the added warranty of upto three year or 100,000 kilometers which is full-comprehensive warranty and not merely as a namesake.

This is in addition to genuine service records and access to AMW spare parts and superior aftersales services.

Transparent paperwork

Insist on the service history and make a detailed study to check for major repairs done, recurring problems, etc., this includes available maintenance certificate and or service records.

Absence of these documents could indicate lack of regular maintenance and future car trouble.

While knowing all of this will help you feel, to be more assured about the quality of the car, purchasing it from a respected and established entity will offer greater peace-of-mind.

Associated Motorways (Private) Limited, through AMW Certified offers customers genuine pre-owned vehicles an extra level of safety and quality.

With over 20 showrooms located islandwide, through AMW Certified, customers can select and purchase genuine vehicles from among a range of popular brands.

AMW Certified differentiates from other pre-owned vehicle sellers by providing customers with the guarantee of the genuine mileage and service records.

Unique to AMW Certified is the ability to offer a Suzuki technical certificate, which covers ‘49 inspection points’ for every vehicle, conducted AMW Pitstop, its state-of-the-art after sales center. This certificate authenticates the actual condition of the vehicle.

With the process made simple, the wait is over.

Visit to view our full stock or call us on 0117580000 and find the perfect pre-owned vehicle with the least imperfections.

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