SCS Express extends its sustainable footprint with a coastal clean-up spanning a radius of 1km in Colombo

SCS Express extends its sustainable footprint with a coastal clean up spanning a radius of 1km in Colombo

Businesscafe - SCS Express Pvt Ltd., a reputable international courier company, organised a coastal clean-up initiative spanning a radius of 1km from Dehiwela to Mount Lavinia.

A company dedicated to providing efficient and reliable courier services for over 17 years extended their mission towards coastal rehabilitation on the 3rd of June 2023.

The primary objective of this coastal clean-up was to raise awareness among the public about the importance of enhancing coastal and ecosystem health to protect marine life from the harmful effects of pollution.

Elaborating on this pressing concern, Mr. R. M. R. Nishantha, Director of SCS Express Pvt Ltd. avers,

"We believe in the need for better protection of our coastal areas, and it’s our responsibility to raise awareness and drive change.

Through clean-up efforts like this, we hope to inspire individuals, communities, environmental enthusiasts, and like-minded stakeholders to join us in safeguarding our marine environment for future generations.

The issue of plastic and waste pollution in our oceans with coastlines being the destination for much of it has had significant consequences for the coastal environment, fishing and tourism industries, human health, and economy.

Therefore, a team of 50 dedicated staff members of SCS Express thoroughly cleared a polluted Dehiwela/Mount Lavinia beach stretch spanning a 1-kilometre radius.

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