Leading Sri Lankan corporates discuss the future of cyber security solutions in the AI era with NCINGA and Google

 Leading Sri Lankan corporates discuss the future of cyber security solutions in the AI era with NCINGA and Google

Businesscafe - NCINGA organised a C-suite knowledge sharing session with Google titled “C-Level Cypher” for leading Sri Lankan corporates to discuss the future of enterprise cyber security threats and their mitigation, especially in the context of rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI).

Held at the ITC Ratnadipa, this event saw the participation of C-suite executives from the banking, manufacturing, and other industries.

The session focused on the topics of AI and its misuse by bad faith actors, the resulting challenges, and how enterprises should rethink their approach to cyber security.

Cyber security experts from NCINGA and Google spoke about today’s enterprise threat landscape and how it’s determined by increased attack surfaces.

Multi-extortion ransomware, attacks on infrastructure and detection sources, and deep fakes are some common security issues that enterprises have to contend with.

Moreover, AI chatbots can deliver instructions to hackers, and AI applications can bypass captchas.

In his address, Sujit Patnaik, Regional Sales Manager - Google Cloud Security at Google Cloud, explained current cyber attack trends.

He discussed how enterprises globally address latest cyber attacks by adopting incident response retainer program, red teaming and cyber readiness and maturity assessments.

Gayan Sahabandu, Senior Cyber Security Solutions Architect at NCINGA, explored how technologies are leveraging AI to manage cyber security threats.

He shared how security information and event management (SIEM) technologies can reduce threat detection times, identify patterns, and detect threats before they adversely impact enterprises by incorporating AI.

Aruna Malalasena, Vice President - Cyber Security at NCINGA, commented further on these developments:

“NCINGA views cyber security as a business challenge that must merge enterprise objectives with security objectives; it is not solely a technology challenge.

Naturally, the threat landscape has expanded as enterprises digitally transform.

AI has introduced both opportunities and new cyber threats.

Our objective is to help our clients implement cyber security solutions with a high level of availability, reliability and stability amidst AI advancements.

The secure by design approach at NCINGA delivers and maintains highly reliable cyber security infrastructure for enterprises so that they can focus on adopting new technology with confidence.”

A panel discussion, featuring Vindya Solangaarachchi, Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer IT at DFCC Bank; Jayantha Fernando, Digital Law Expert and Partner at Heritage Partners; Kshitij Kapdekar, Security Specialist - Google Cloud Security at Google Cloud; and Aruna Malalasena, provided an additional platform to explore comprehensive aspects of today’s cyber security landscape in detail.

Questions about Sri Lanka’s regulatory landscape on data privacy, security challenges faced by banks as they digitally transform, key security concerns that define any enterprise’s digitalization journey, and security issues to address with cloud migration were among the topics presented to the expert panel by the participants for further discussion.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about cyber security successes spearheaded by NCINGA.

The global solution provider’s cyber security practice offers a wide range of solutions, including SOC monitoring, advanced threat detection, cloud security posture management (CSPM), compromise assessment, digital forensic and incident response, training for in-house enterprise security teams, proactive threat detection and simulation, and many more bundled managed security service provider (MSSP) Solutions.

Cyber security solutions are a key component of NCINGA’s future-oriented technology suite, designed to drive digital transformation and business evolution.

Last modified on Sunday, 07 July 2024 08:25