SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise joins hands with A-Networks to provide managed security services

SLT MOBITEL Enterprise joins hands with A Networks to provide managed security services

Businesscafe - SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise, dedicated in delivering best-in-class technology for the enterprise segment, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with A-Networks (Pvt) Ltd, a leading fully integrated Network Systems and Security Solutions provider to offer managed security services for organizations in Sri Lanka.

The technological shift from the traditional Telco to Techco model has led to an increased emphasis on safeguarding operations in the wake of intensifying cyber threats globally.

The MoU signifies the collaboration between SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise and A-Networks to jointly develop, implement, and provide various services and solutions around security services for enterprises.

The partnership aims to significantly contribute to promoting a safer digital environment for businesses.

Prabhath Dahanayake, Chief Marketing Officer of SLT-MOBITEL, said:

“As a National ICT solutions service provider, security is a top priority in every solution we offer.

This partnership will significantly contribute to promoting a safer digital environment for businesses to operate in and enable us to.

With digital transformations on the rise and adaptation soaring, SLT-MOBITEL understands the need to prioritize for security.

Information saved digitally not only assures the potential of running the business successfully, but also offers prominence to the business operations.

Additionally, the collaboration strengthens SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise's position as a leading provider of digital services.

Providing advanced cybersecurity solutions that cater to the evolving needs of local enterprises, aligns with the company's commitment to do business better.

This commitment is further emphasized by the focus on ensuring the security of digital information, which is a key factor in the successful operation of any business in today's digital age.

“We are thrilled to join forces with SLT-MOBITEL to offer this game-changing monitoring service to our customers," said Bishrul Ahamed, CEO of A-Networks.

"Through our combined expertise and resources, we empower organizations to proactively mitigate cyber threats and maintain business continuity in today's digital age."

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions play a crucial role in modern cybersecurity strategies, offering advanced threat detection capabilities and proactive threat response.

As remote work culture becomes increasingly prevalent, EDR solutions are essential in protecting an organization's network against unconventional cyber threats.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise's strategic partnership with A-Networks is a significant step towards offering EDR solutions, strengthening the overall security of enterprises against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

The move aligns with the company's vision to reinforce its standing as a leading provider of digital services, including cybersecurity, and supports the broader goal of enhancing the nation's cybersecurity readiness.

Moreover, the partnership empowers SLT-MOBITEL to offer these services, enabling customers to concentrate on their business objectives in a highly competitive environment.

The company recognizes the complexity of cybersecurity and the need for a single managed service provider to oversee all aspects.

In collaboration with security expert A-Networks, SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise aims to support digital transformation for enterprises and government customers.

Given the complex nature of security, it acknowledges the challenges faced by individuals, enterprises, and government institutions in maintaining professionals with the necessary certifications, governance, and compliance.

The partnership is a step towards addressing these challenges.

With the increasing complexity in the security landscape, it has become challenging for individuals, enterprises, and government institutions to maintain a team of security professionals adhering to best practices, possessing necessary certifications, and ensuring compliance with governance and regulatory requirements.

Moreover, as cyber security threats have escalated to an intricate and complex scenario, having a single managed service provider has become crucial to comprehensively address every aspect of cyber security concerns.

The necessity has led SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise to partner with the security expert A-Networks, fortifying the digital transformation journey for enterprise and government customers by strengthening their cyber security posture.

SLT-MOBITEL’s journey from telco to techco has led to a partnership that not only enhances the company’s service offerings but also significantly strengthens Sri Lanka's cybersecurity landscape.

With this alliance, enterprises and government entities can confidently embrace the digital age, assured that their cybersecurity needs are expertly managed, allowing them to focus on their primary business goals.

Photo Caption Exchanging the signed MOU between Prabhath Dahanayake, Chief Marketing Officer of SLT-MOBITEL, and Bishrul Ahamed, CEO of A-Networks, in the presence of officials from both companies.

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