Huawei and Sunrise Showcase Fastest 5G Connection in Switzerland

Wednesday, 20 December 2017 06:06

Huawei and Sunrise have jointly showcased the large scope of 5G use cases on a 5G E2E Network.

Using cloud-based end-to-end applications, 5G performance capability was demonstrated with virtual reality, 360-degree panoramic live video, and twelve parallel 4K video streams on 65-inch UHD TVs.

The download data throughput was 3.28Gbit/s, the highest ever measured for a mobile Internet link with 3.5GHz.

The fifth generation of mobile network technology facilitates many new key functions. As shown by the 5G demo staged by Sunrise and Huawei, one 5G mobile wireless connection could easily replace the wired Internet access in a multi-unit dwelling with twelve households.

Even with twelve parallel data-intensive 4K TV streams, which consume about 750Mbit/s, there is still a lot of spare capacity in this early 5G phase.

This would allow each household to use a number of additional Internet connections at the same time.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise said, “We are very proud, that Huawei has chosen Sunrise to build up that large 5G demonstration in our HQ in Zurich.

We are the Unlimited Company, and we are already driving digitalization today with the best 4G network and the highest area coverage in Switzerland.

5G will be a game changer, and, to me, it is another important step up.

Being the leading wireless provider, we naturally have set high goals for the fifth generation of mobile network technology.

We are looking forward to a successful future collaboration and implementation with the Huawei team.”

"We have already demonstrated 5G at various global events, but what we managed to show here with Sunrise is unprecedented and impressively demonstrates the performance capability of 5G.

It`s a full commitment from Huawei to make sure, that Sunrise can keep the leading position in the mobile network with 5G in the future," says Xiao Haijun, CEO of Huawei Switzerland.

About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider.

Our aim is to enrich life and improve efficiency through a better connected world, acting as a responsible corporate citizen, innovative enabler for the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry.

Driven by customer-centric innovation and open partnerships, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio that gives customers competitive advantages in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing.

Huawei’s 180,000 employees worldwide are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers.

Our innovative ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population.

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.

About Sunrise

Sunrise Communications Group AG (Sunrise) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and is the leading challenger in the Swiss telecommunications market.

Sunrise is the largest non state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland, offering its mobile, Internet, TV and landline services to private and business customers.

Sunrise offers the best mobile network in Switzerland (connect mobile network test 1/2017) providing the best geographic 4G/LTE coverage across 94,6% of Switzerland and 4.5G/LTE advanced with up to 900 Mbit/s in the five biggest Swiss cities already.

Sunrise benefits from an 11,800 km nationwide state-of-the-art fibre network backbone. On the fixed side, Sunrise reaches approximately 85% of households in Switzerland with its fully-invested LLU network.

The company offers the most advanced fiber technologies, such as vectoring, FTTS, FTTB and FTTH, thanks to its long-term agreement with the incumbent, SFN and local utilities.

For the financial year ended December 31, 2016, Sunrise generated total revenue of CHF 1,897 million and adjusted EBITDA of CHF 611 million and counted approximately 3.3 million customer relationships.

The company has almost 1,700 employees (full-time equivalents) as well as more than 120 apprentices – the highest share of trainees (7.5%) of all Swiss telecommunications providers.

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