Mitra Innovation to host PMO Summit 2018 in Colombo

Mitra Innovation will host their first annual Project Management Office (PMO) Summit on the 26th April, 2018 at the Jaic Hilton Colombo.

Mitra Innovation is a UK based Technology Innovation and Cloud Integration provider, with an engineering hub in Sri Lanka.

The event titled “Pursuing Excellence” aims to share knowledge on project management and best practices with the Sri Lankan IT community and project managers.

Dammika Ganegema - Managing Director of Mitra Innovation said “The PMO Summit 2018 is a timely initiative to help transform the way the PMO community engages and drives programs.

Over the period of the last decade, I have seen that the practice of knowledge sharing within the Project Management community has noticeably decreased, resulting in creating many administrators and not project managers.

This is the first of many PMO meetup sessions to follow over the next few months where our intentions are to help build a stronger Project Management community that can drive strategic and complex projects without limiting to ICT alone.”

A workforce of close to 100,000 employees currently contributes to the Sri Lankan IT industry, which in turn generates a revenue estimated to be in between $600 million to $700 million.

However, often we see projects failing by means of not achieving the desired business objectives due to budget overruns and noticeable lack of quality.

There are evolving challenges and market demands that need to be managed dynamically.

Therefore, to address this growing complexity in the global IT industry, project managers must use modern techniques and innovative tools to help their project teams to deliver on-time, stay within budget, and get it right the first time.

Bivendra Narangoda, Director and Head of Delivery said “at Mitra Innovation and in Sri Lanka we are happy to witness that project management techniques and practices are rapidly evolving to deliver projects successfully.

It will be wonderful to share these experiences and the learnings that we have gathered throughout these years with our Sri Lankan Project Management community.”

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi who leads the Global HRD and Talent Development strategy for Mitra Innovation said “today a balance must be struck between process and engagement to ensure that innovation is nurtured and sustained within projects.

From a talent perspective, the challenge for project managers is to move from a transactional culture to a transformational one in which the right work environment drives performance.

The Mitra Innovation PMO event on ‘Pursuing Excellence’ will feature keynote presentations from renowned global IT leaders including Mike Braithwaite – Head of Service Delivery and Transformation at Bank of England, Peter De Almeida – CEO of N-Able, and Derek Bell - COO of Mitra Innovation.

The event will also include a discussion forum with a panel of well known IT experts.

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Mitra Innovation helps smart entrepreneurs, enterprises and public service organisations to accelerate innovative ideas into amazing global businesses or solutions, through product incubation, digital transformation, and integration services.

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