Create Lab Joins SLASSCOM as the 200th Member Company

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 07:08

SLASSCOM announded that Create Lab ( has joined the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) as the 200th member.

With technology rapidly taking over many aspects of jobs and industries, Create Lab is taking the lead in preparing pre and primary school children to thrive in a digital future.

Create Lab’s educational programmes are designed to empower children with 21st century skills and encourage them to develop a lifelong interest in science & technology.


Create Lab is Singapore’s leading coding, robotics and design thinking school with collaborations with the Government of Singapore, Google, Softbank and NUS Enterprise.

Their programmes are developed with academics from Oxford, MIT and Singapore’s top universities and include the latest educational technologies, tools and teaching methodologies.

As children progress through these programmes, they will be able to independently create their own software including computer games, learning tools and digital stories.

They will then advance towards designing their own mobile apps, robotics and IoT devices.

During this learning process, students will cultivate their creativity and imagination while also developing important life skills in the form of team work, critical thinking, public speaking and problem solving.

All programmes are designed to encourage free flowing creativity without the need to purchase additional kits or software licenses, allowing children from all economic backgrounds to equally benefit from the learning experience.

Create Lab’s Sri Lankan operations were launched in early 2017 and today the company is delivering programmes in a number of leading schools and pre-schools in Colombo, as well as at the Create Lab Centre in Colombo 04.

The company will continue to expand its presence across the country and make 21st Century skills accessible to all Sri Lankans.

Create Lab will specifically focus on narrowing the gender gap in technology, by encouraging more girls to participate in the programmes.

In Singapore, female participation in Create Lab’s programs is nearly 45%, and the company hopes to equal or better this ratio in Sri Lanka going forward.

Dhruv Vohra, Create Lab’s Co-Founder/President said, “Create Lab’s membership with SLASSCOM is a major milestone in our journey in Sri Lanka.

We look forward to working together in empowering a generation of Sri Lankans and we will contribute energetically in making Sri Lanka a Smart Nation.”

Chrishan de Mel, SLASSCOM’s Executive Director said, “We’re delighted to have Create Lab on board as our 200th member.

We recognize the value they offer to empower the next generation with the attitudes and skills needed to face the digital future”.

In Singapore, Create Lab’s programmes are available to the public through the National Libraries Board (NLB), PIXEL Labs (part of the Infocomm & Media Development Authority) as well as a number of leading schools and pre-schools.

The company is currently extending these programmes in key schools in India and Indonesia with plans to enter new markets in South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Photo Caption : From left : SLASSCOM Executive Director Chrishan de Mel, , Create Lab Co-Founder/ President Dhruv Vohra, Create Lab Director and Infotechs (Pvt) Ltd Chairman Susantha Pinto.

Create Lab Joins SLASSCOM as the 200th Member Company

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