361 Degrees’ celebrates successful stint as “Engagement Partner” of Great Place to Work Conference 2018

Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:22

361 Degrees, Sri Lanka’s largest Teambuilding, Leadership, Engagement, Innovation, Strategy & Soft Skills service provider, concluded a successful stint as the Engagement Partner for the Great Place to Work Conference 2018 held recently.

The Great Place to Work Conference is a unique, full-day gathering where participants were given the opportunity to interact with business leaders and technology experts, learn from insights and best practices and be inspired by thought leaders and champions of great workplaces in Sri Lanka.

The conference included an impressive line-up of insightful case studies, charismatic change leaders, and innovative practices.

361 Degrees provides innovatively practical and tailor-made learning solutions for a wide variety of clientele through culmination of over 15 years of intensive research and experimentation as Sri Lanka’s leading HR solutions partner.

As the Engagement Partner for the conference, 361 Degrees was presented with the opportunity to interact with the audience in numerous ways and introduce their unique brand of engagement activities and cutting-edge tools and technologies.

A special 361 Degrees’ software tool was utilised in all the sessions for panellists and the audience to interact using SMS during Q&A and obtaining poll feedback.

After audience members responded, the SMS was displayed live on the giant screen within a few seconds, allowing the panellists and the audience to view a large number of replies almost instantaneously.

Additionally, Rukmal De Silva - Chief Visionary Officer of 361 Degrees presented to the audience about “Learnimon – Fostering Behavioural Change Through On-demand Learning”.

Learnimon is a social-first learning eco-system that can digitally facilitate any learning interaction such as enhancing knowledge or changing behaviour of a single trainee or a group.

After the lunch break, 361 Degrees carried out a unique engagement activity that involved percussions.

Each team in the crowd was asked to create their own signature beat and synchronise with the other teams to collectively create a musical beat.

This fun engagement activity drew a very positive response from the audience, bringing in a lot of energy and setting the tone for the post-lunch period of the conference.

Sharing his thoughts on the company’s successful partnership, Rukmal De Silva - Chief Visionary Officer of 361 Degrees stated, “We are proud to be given the opportunity to be the Official Engagement Partner of the Great Place to Work Conference 2018.

361 Degrees has always been a company that is focused on continuous improvement and new innovations.

Therefore, we are constantly searching for new ways to add value to our offering to our clientele.

This conference gave us the perfect platform to showcase some of our innovative tools, technologies and best practices to a unique audience.”

Since its inception back in 2001 as Wild Drift, 361 Degrees has successfully carried out training programmes for over 220 organizations in both Sri Lanka and overseas.

361 Degrees possesses the largest and most experienced facilitator pool in the country which has the capability to handle parallel programmes and effectively engage with a participant count of several hundreds.

The team's extensive experience allows them to understand the client's specific requirements, provide innovative suggestions and solutions and carry out unique training programmes that engage the audience.

Such expertise in its field has enhanced its reputation at the regional level and enabled the company to successfully carry out programme in reputed organizations, such as Triumph in Jaipur, India and the British Council in Dubai.

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