Viber Launches Polling in Group Chats and Communities

Thursday, 10 January 2019 09:57

Viber, the leading messaging app is delighted to announce that polls in group chats and Communities are now available globally via the world’s leading messaging app.

With a growing base of over 1 billion users, catering to community requests, Viber Polls ensures everyone’s voice can be heard, encouraging all to constructively provide feedback to important discussions.

Creating a poll has been made extremely easy. A user only needs to tap on the polls icon at the chat menu, type their poll question and add a set of up to 10 choices to select from.

Voting and polling has also been made fun for all those involved in the chat – polls maybe used for a discussion, a gift for friends, a night out, even for family outings and much more – the options are endless.

By simply tapping on the heart button next to each one counts for a vote and the count increases every time someone taps on their choice.

In a group chat you can also see who voted for what by tapping on an option.

For community polling also all those engaged can contribute towards a discussion with ease.

However, Viber provides stringent privacy measures where Community members’ poll choices are not visible and their votes remain anonymous.

Superadmins and admins are only given the option to view how other superadmins or admins voted.

Viber continues to champion democracy across all social media platforms too.

For Facebook, users have to simply add a poll to their group or Community on any question or topic required.

Real-time results are available inside the chat.

To try it:

Similarly for Twitter users, they too can add a poll to their group or Community on any question they wish and view real-time results inside the chat.

To try it:

YouTube users too can add a poll to a group or Community chat and see what people think about a topic in real time.

Create a poll via:

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