Authnex emerges Gold winner for ‘Start-Up of the Year’ and ‘Security’ at NBQSA 2020

Sunday, 21 February 2021 13:36

businesscafe Authnex emerges Gold winner for Start Up of the Year and Security at NBQSA 2020

Businesscafe - Authnex, the groundbreaking next generation authentication and authorization platform won two Gold awards in the categories of ‘Start-Up of the Year’ and ‘Security Solutions in Business Services’ at the National ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2020 held earlier this month.

With this incredible achievement, Authnex will go onto represent Sri Lanka at the upcoming Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) scheduled to be held in Malaysia this year.

This biometric based platform has earned a distinctive reputation and wider acceptance for reinventing the future of digital identity in cyber security.

‘We are proud to be recognized as the nation’s best security solutions provider and the best start-up company and we are humbled to receive such recognition within a short period of time.

We would like to dedicate this recognition to our amazing team while extending our gratitude to all the well-wishers and congratulating all the winners,’ said Chamara Rupasinghe, Director/Co-Founder, Authnex Technologies Private Limited.

As per the research done by the FIDO Alliance, it is found that passwords are the root cause of over 80pct of data breaches in the world.

Users have more than 90 online accounts in general and around 51pct of the passwords are reused.

On the other hand, 1/3 of online purchases are abandoned due to forgotten passwords.

Authnex is also a member of the FIDO Alliance.

Authnex technology makes passwords a thing of the past whilst providing a seamless, flawless, and fully secure user experience.

It uses device biometrics to identify and authenticate the user via smartphones.

It supports PIN or Pattern based authentication for devices that do not support biometrics, and a USSD based challenge response for feature phones.

Authnex is a platform for any domain and any industry.

The platform is flexible enough to integrate with any system - open or proprietary.

The integration is fast and easy with the availability of its own mobile SDKs for both iOS and Android.

Authnex can be deployed in a convenient and cost-effective manner either ‘on-premise’, as a cloud deployment or as a service.

The software can be offered as a service on a subscription model.

The global authentication market is growing exponentially, with new requirements emerging in the areas of IOT, Open Banking, E-Commerce and WFH (Working from Home), to name a few.

Authnex seamlessly merges into this space of the Information Security industry with its unique vision and innovative and highly skilled team of experts.

Authnex is part of the Flix11 Group (formerly known as David Pieris Information Technologies).

'We focus on innovation and disruption.

Our passion is to take this true Sri Lankan product to the world and make this a globally deployed platform in the future, thus bringing much needed foreign exchange back to Sri Lanka' said the Chairman of the FLIX11 group Capt. Johann David Pieris.

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