Rakuten Viber brings in cricket chatbot

Thursday, 22 April 2021 06:38

businesscafe Rakuten Viber brings in cricket chatbot

Businesscafe - Viber, one of the world’s leading apps for free and easy communication, has recently launched a chatbot styled as ‘Battle of Cricket’ for cricket-loving users to let them be a part of an interactive, insightful conversation related to cricket matches and win exhilarating rewards.

Cancellation of some cricket tournaments in this season of cricket has come as a big letdown to the cricket fans.

But, Viber realizes the pulse of the users and understands how much cricket means to them.

Keeping that in mind, Viber has introduced this cricket chatbot so that the cricket fans can still feel the vibe and enjoy nail-biting moments.

There are so many cricket maniacs out there who are ready to go to any length when it comes to cricket.

The very word ‘cricket’ stimulates an adrenaline rush in them.

And whenever there is any cricket match, they take it to the social media sites and other instant messaging platforms to foretell every single detail and the fate of the match.

To satiate such minds, Viber has introduced their recent cricket chatbot where users can predict things related to the cricket matches.

Users from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka can avail this feature.

The users can not only predict but also win rewards.

To add cherry on the top, Viber has roped in ex-cricketers Habibul Bashar Sumon and Shahriar Nafees, both renowned for their outstanding career and cricket acumen, to offer insightful predictions before any match.

The users of the chatbot will have the chance to receive predictions from Habibul Bashar Sumon and Shahriar Nafees, who will be using their expertise and experience to predict and comment on the upcoming matches and come up with exclusive contents.

Their statements will be posted on the chatbot for all matches.

David Tse, the Senior Director for Rakuten Viber APAC said,

“We always want to offer something creative to our users so that they can make the most out of our platform.

The new cricket chatbot will give the users an outlet to showcase their acuity and shrewdness related to cricket and predict every move, which will also result in edifications in their thought-process.”

Viber users will have the opportunity to be rewarded as well for their correct predictions.

Anyone predicting the correct answer will receive rewards and get points on a daily basis.

Based on those points, Viber will create a leaderboard.

Every Sunday, the top 3 users on the leaderboard will receive weekly rewards.

Interested users can avail of this through a Viber-owned paid sticker pack and V/O credits which they can redeem using codes.

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