Crover Group Unveils “Crover Collection” Properties in Sri Lanka

Monday, 20 November 2023 12:30

Crover Group Unveils Crover Collection Properties in Sri Lanka

Businesscafe - Crover Group, a Berlin-based company renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to the tourism, living and real estate sectors, announced the launch of the first collection of properties under the “CROVER COLLECTION” which will be positioned and operated in Ella, Sri Lanka and in the southern coast to follow.

Spearheading the development of assets for tourism services and co-living properties, Crover Group through the collection which is scheduled to open in Q1, 2024, will introduce a game-changing concept of plannable living at a fixed monthly rate through its flat-rate pass or per night.

This innovative offering invites defined segments, including digital nomads, modern FITs, and other forward-thinking travellers, to embrace a new way of life in an ever-changing world.

Marking a significant milestone for Crover Group, ‘Crover Collection’ will unveil its collection of thirty 30 ‘coodos’ - the renowned tiny house model by LTG Lofts to go, Germany in 2024.

Each 32 sqm coodo can accommodate up to two 02 guests, and offers quality living fitted with a veranda, overlooking breathtaking views, offering an unparalleled experience of freedom and tranquillity.

Subscribers of the Crover Club (membership at EUR 1,400 per month upwards), will have the convenience of booking their extended stays effortlessly through the Crover app.

Speaking with Group President & CEO, Crover Group - Shawn Gajasinghe stated:

"We are thrilled to embark on this asset-building journey with coodo model, financed by our JV with German based Finexity AG.

This momentous step signifies the commencement of a global expansion of our Crover Collection and Crover Club properties.

Crover Collection will showcase the captivating coodo product and serve as a visionary project inspiring many others to follow suit."

Positioned for an illustrious trajectory, Crover Group is currently developing additional tourism destinations in Sri Lanka.

Within the year (2024), the company is poised to inaugurate two [02] exquisitely designed Crover Collections, each housing an impressive collection of coodos.

Building upon this momentum, Crover Group has set its sights on an ambitious timeline, projecting the introduction of an additional 10 properties and an expected portfolio of over 500 modular homes around the world in the next 18 months.

As the company progresses, it seeks to embrace a curated selection of products meticulously licensed by esteemed designers, architects, and production teams across the globe, further enhancing the unparalleled allure of its offerings.

Concluding Gajasinghe noted:

"We extend a warm invitation to the world to come, witness, and indulge in the unparalleled experiences that await at Crover Collection, which will soon be available in South Asia for our global subscription living members.

With the Crover Club, guests can revel in longer periods of working, living, and leisurely pursuits within our exceptional properties."

Crover Group is poised to become the preeminent global brand in the hospitality and real estate industries.

Its vision is firmly grounded in tourism and real estate projects, intricately connected to the groundbreaking Crover Clubsystem, offering an unparalleled and liberating lifestyle for its users and travellers.

 About Crover SE

The Berlin-based Crover SE has established itself as a leading company in the real estate sector.

The focus is on creating and marketing real estate projects that combine innovative living quality and hospitality.

The portfolio of Crover SE includes a variety of properties that support a contemporary and integrated lifestyle, such as resorts, clubs, and residential buildings.

This links community, employment, and leisure.

Through the concept of Crossover-Livings, the company creates flexible housing options that range from short-term stays to long-term subscriptions, thereby fostering international cooperation.

Photo Captions from left CEO, Finexity AG - Paul Huelsmann with Group President & CEO, Crover SE - Shawn Gajasinghe and Coodo type villas

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