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Hon. Consulate of Sri Lanka Delivers Paramount Support to the Ground-Breaking Project of Application of Sports Science in Sri Lanka by Edith Cowan University

The Hon. Consulate of Sri Lanka extends its utmost support to Edith Cowan University for the project of testing and enhancing the performance of athletes and cricketers of Sri Lanka with the use Sports Science.

With Mr. Hallam Pereira, International Project Director, initially introducing the idea to Hon. Consul Rosh Jalagge, the consulate worked tirelessly towards creating the opportunity to make this event a success.


The Consulate was proactive in engaging relevant government and other authorities in both Sri Lanka and Australia to provide necessary assistance to the successful initiation of this venture.


With the pending commencement of the project, the Hon. Consulate held a high-tea event with the attendance of the team of eight scientists who will be carrying out the project in Colombo.


This project will commence with the arrival of the ECU team of scientists in Sri Lanka on the 2nd of November 2017.


This team of Scientists are from the Edith Cowan University which works with Australia’s best athletes and is ranked 14th out of 10,000 universities in the world in the area of Sport Science.


Prof Moira Sim, Dean of the School of Medical and Health Sciences along with Prof Robert Newton, (a highly renowned and accredited exercise physiologist who has worked as a consultant to the Manchester City Football team in England, and the Chicago Bulls Basketball Team in the USA accompanied by Associate Prof. Sophia Nimphius, Associate Prof Chris Abbiss, Dr Favil Singh, Dr Kristina Kendall and led will be coordinated by Associate Prof (Adjunct) Hallam Pereira who is an East German trained Sport Scientist who is known to many in Colombo will travel to Sri Lanka.


This project of applying sports science aims to optimise the performance of athletes representing Sri Lanka at major international sporting events to achieve international success. and using sports science.


The Project also aims to improve the sporting industry of Sri Lanka, enhance its economy and integrate ethnic communities.


Athletes and the wider community of Sri Lanka will greatly benefit from this as it will systematically augment athletes and the sports industry as a whole.


Although athletes and cricketers in Sri Lanka are working tirelessly towards their achievements, accomplishing these goals can only result from a holistic training that includes sports science services.


Such services are, unfortunately, not available to our talented sportspersons in Sri Lanka.


This results in the failure to achieve the international success that we hope to reach.


With this project, our sportspersons and coaches will get the opportunity to obtain these services.


This will undoubtedly result in a significant increase in global success rates, and bring about glory to Sri Lanka.


In the long term, this will help significantly improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing, social integration and harmony of all citizens.


Therefore, it is not wrong to deem this project as a revolutionary turning point in the sports industry of Sri Lanka.


Taking place in Colombo, the project will conduct tests on 240 athletes to identify strengths and weaknesses, advice coaches on training modification to accelerate the development of performance levels, conduct workshops on sports science, and upskill local officials to perform sports science tests and services on their own.


This ground-breaking project has been given support and recognition by HE the President Maithreepala Sirisena, Foreign Minister Hon. Thilak Marapana, the National Olympic Committee, the Sri Lankan High Commissioner HE Somasundaram Skandakumar, and the Hon. Consul of Sri Lanka in Western Australia Rosh Jalagge.


Hon. Consul Rosh Jalagge has been actively engaged in delivering benefits of this endeavour to Sri Lanka and has tirelessly worked to ensure its successful execution. 

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