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Crysbro assists and appreciates children of employees through ‘Sisu Diriya’

In keeping with the company’s vision to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of employees and their family members, Crysbro recently successfully concluded another instalment of their ‘Sisu Diriya’ programme which is a CSR initiative for appreciating children of employees by distributing school supplies for the new school year and recognizing their various talents.

The programme which was launched in 2012 has so far benefitted hundreds of school children over the years and continues to help school children by providing them with stationery items, school uniforms and scholarships for high studies.

794 students who are children of employees of the company benefitted from this programme which is the brainchild of Group Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Crysbro, Mohamed Imtiaz.
Speaking at the event, Imtiaz said: “This initiative falls in line with Crysbro’s vision of ensuring that all employees and their families are empowered.


“‘Sisu Diriya’ is also a landmark event in our calendar at Crysbro because we think of children as the future of the nation and as a responsible local business we take it upon ourselves to ensure, within our capacity, that their education isn’t hindered due to the lack of resources or facilities,” he added.

Group HR and Admin. Manager, Ranjana Mahindasiri meanwhile said that the company in 2018 planned to carry out such similar CSR initiatives targeting children and assist them to excel both academically and in other talents.

This year’s event took place in December covering 14 business locations.

In addition to providing school supplies, the children of employees who passed the grade five scholarship examination in 2017, GCE Ordinary Level examination of 2016 and those who were selected for university received scholarships each in recognition of their achievement.

In addition, 165 students who participated in the art competition organized by the company received certificates and cash awards.

Sisu Diriya, which is organized annually by the Human Resources department of the company together with the Employee Welfare Society, also served to offer a platform for the employees and their children to showcase their talents in singing, dancing and acting to fellow employees and their families.

Winners of the dancing competition will be given an opportunity to perform and showcase their talents at this year’s annual awards night which is scheduled to be held in April.

Established in 1972 with just 100 chicks and a vision to become a market leader in terms of quality, freshness and innovation, Crysbro has grown at a steady pace and in the decades since, has emerged as Sri Lanka’s first and most sophisticated, fully vertically integrated poultry producer with operations spanning grand-parent, parent farms, hatcheries, broilers and feed mills.

This thriving ‘Farm-to-Fork’ concept has been at the core of our success, and which in turn has provided unprecedented support for numerous stakeholders including direct and indirect employees, out growers, domestic maize farmers, and ultimately, the Sri Lankan consumer. 

Last modified on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:01