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A Promising Start for The New Year with Green Initiatives By BAM Green

BAM Green, the most reputed Solar and renewable energy Company in Sri Lanka, in operation for more than nine [09] years, wholly committed to developing and providing renewable energy related services for Sri Lanka, donated 2,000 Mee Trees to the Homagama Green City project as a joint pro-ject with The Bamunuarachchi Foundation.

Another 3000 trees to be donated and planted in properties owned by the BAM Holdings and its subsidiaries.

The ceremony welcomed over 2,000 participants and is the first project instigated and executed by BAM Green & The Bamunuarachchi Foundation for 2020, to promote sustainability throughout Sri Lanka, in an effort to move towards a new decade, with a new vision.

In addition, all participants were gifted a complimentary Biodegradable bag named the “Haritha Bag”.

BAM Green selected the Mee Tree due to its ability to grow to approximately 20 meters in height and that they are predominantly found in a mixed deciduous forest.

In addition, each part of this native tree is used as a versatile resource for skin care, cooking oil, detergents, fertilizer, alcohol, food as well as herbal medicines.

The properties of the tree allow for chemical absorption from the soil and works to double the creation of oxygen.

It is considered holy by many tribal communities because of its usefulness.

Forging forward with the vision to become a leading Engineering, Procurement and Constructing (EPC) contractor in Sri Lanka for utility scale renewable energy projects.

Offering the latest technologies to provide a value for money product, BAM Green has passed many milestones in the renewable energy sector of the country, such as installing the very first Solar Net Metering system in the country; the very first Net Plus system; the very first Hybrid project; installing the most number of large scale pro-jects; and contributing nearly 15 Megawatts to the national grid.

BAM Green provides the world’s best quality photovoltaic Solar Panels and Inverters and provides energy solutions such as On Grid, Off Grid and Hybrid renewable energy systems, Standalone lighting systems for both domestic and indus-trial sectors, changing the industry within Sri Lanka, substantially.

Managing Director, BAM Green (Pvt) Ltd - Hemantha Munasinghe, noted “BAM Green hopes to use the latest technology including artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the best solutions for the upcom-ing year.

These technological improvements shall be introduced to the company in terms of providing accurate and punctual service facilities to our existing customers.

Together with the reduction of the carbon footprint (CO2) through renewable energy, we hope to focus more on waste to energy in 2020, particularly on waste management procedures and to build a greener and cleaner environment.

We shall put our maximum effort to initiate this diversity in the near future, providing a practical and reli-able solution for waste management.”

Speaking with General Manager/ Head of Marketing, BAM Green (Pvt) Ltd – Dinesh Jayarathne said “BAM Green prioritizes sustainability and the use of renewable energy.

As the pioneers of the indus-try, we continue to successfully secure the trust of our valued customers by delivering unique, quality products and services.

As we look to 2020, BAM Green is expected to introduce cutting-edge renewa-ble energy solutions to the market.

It is indeed a blessing that we are backed by BAM Holdings, one of the most reputed and reliable organizations in the country, since the beginning of this journey towards clean energy.”

About BAM Holdings & Bamunuarachchi Foundation

Bam Holdings started its operations in 1980 and since then, the company has been earning an excel-lent reputation for reliability.

This is reflected in the quality of the products and in the timeliness of deliveries to the company’s clients overseas.

In addition to Garments, BAM Holdings Limited has ac-quired other business skills with methodical and modern approaches to Management and Training.

The company and the foundation are under the guidance of its founding father of the Group Chair-man,B.A. Mahipala.

BAM Holding's core business has been Apparel manufacturing and vertically in-tegrated services for the last three [03] decades.

Photo captions:

1.) School children surrounding the Homagama Green City, participating at the tree planting event.

2.) Mr. Hemantha Munasinghe, Managing Director and Mr. Dinesh Jayarathne, General Manag-er/ Head of Marketing of BAM Green (Pvt) Ltd planting a Mee tree

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