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Millions of People Turn to Technology for their Spiritual need

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages globally, many around the world are unable to meet in their places of worship.

In response to an effort to assist people spiritually while observing physical distancing recommendations, Jehovah’s Witnesses have noted a marked increase in the number of people benefiting from their freely accessible online resources.

Internet traffic on JW.ORG, which is available in over 1000 languages, has been steadily increasing since the onset of the pandemic.

In February, there were about two million visitors per day, which is typical for the website.

In March, this figure increased to more than three million visitors per day.

There were more than seven million who accessed JW.ORG On April 7.

This happened to be the day when millions of Christians the world over commemorate the anniversary of the death and sacrifice of Jesus.

Clive Martin, who oversees one of the department’s handling translation work at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses said “This year, since many interested ones would not be able to meet together with local congregations, we posted Bible-based talks and presentations to coincide with the commemoration of Jesus’ death, in over 500 languages.

These programs were watched or downloaded millions of times”.

While video streaming has brought comfort to many, Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world are also taking part in meetings via video conferencing apps.

In these meetings, there are no passive hearers, but an engaged audience who benefit from sharing their thoughts and building one another up during interactive discussions.

The high number of website visitors during this global crisis shows us the important role technology is playing in providing spiritual instruction and comfort to many.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 07:26