Elephant House Cream Soda Scores Big at SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards

Elephant House Cream Soda has once more been recognized as Sri Lanka’s most popular beverage brand at the SLIM-Nielsen People’s Awards, which held its 12th edition recently.

It is also especially noteworthy that this was the 12th consecutive win for the beloved Elephant House Cream Soda in the “Beverage Brand of the Year” category, an unprecedented feat wherein the brand has virtually dominated this category since the launch of the Awards in 2006.

At the same time, Elephant House Cream Soda has also won the coveted “Youth Choice Beverage Brand of the Year” award stemming from its continually increasing popularity amongst young audiences.

The SLIM-Nielsen Peoples Awards stands out and is distinct because it is the public that acts as the panel of judges rating their favorite brands, personalities, advertisements, films, tele-dramas, etc. and delivering their verdict.

Selection of the winners was based on a nationwide quantitative face-to- face survey covering males and females between the ages of 15 to 60, over a period of five months, using a structured questionnaire.

The survey covered all districts in the country, including the North and East, which was conducted by trained interviewers from Nielsen, who chose the districts, streets and households they visited based on a randomized selection methodology.

Respondents were asked to mention their favorite brands and personalities across various categories, with those receiving the highest nominations being declared as the winners.

“While still being beloved by fans, these wins by Elephant House Cream Soda in these categories of People’s Beverage and People’s Youth Choice Beverage signal that it is truly at the forefront of its industry in terms of name brand recognition, a valuable marketing benefit that enables us to maintain our competitive edge.

We are thankful to all Sri Lankans, and in particular the youth of our country, for declaring in one voice that Elephant House Cream Soda is their beverage of choice, an acknowledgement that means much more to us than any mere award recognition”, said Belindra Weerasinghe, Head of Beverages for Elephant House, and Vice President at John Keells Holdings.

Photo Caption : Team Elephant House Cream Soda receives award for People's Beverage Brand of the year.

Elephant House Cream Soda Scores Big at SLIM Nielsen People s Awards 

Last modified on Monday, 19 March 2018 04:49