Durdans Hospital Nephrology Unit Kidney Transplant Programme for End-stage Kidney Disease

End-stage kidney failure is a growing concern in Sri Lanka especially among the elderly population.

Among those greatly at risk are individuals with Diabetes Mellitus while people with high blood pressure, polycystic kidney disease and anatomical problems of the urinary tract are also at risk from the same.

Individuals with end-stage kidney failure have to undergo dialysis their entire lifetime in order to sustain their life or otherwise undergo a Kidney Transplant.

Durdans Hospital is dedicated to renal health with a long standing Renal Dialysis Centre and a fully-fledged renal transplant programme.

Kidney transplant offers freedom and better quality of life for those dealing with end-stage kidney disease.

The kidney may be received from a deceased or living donor.

The recovery time is 6-7 days and complications occurring are minimal.

The transplant patient will be required to take medicine for their lifetime in order to suppress the immune system so that their body will not reject the kidney.

Dr. N.C.S. Perera, Senior Medical Officer for General Medical Wards cum Transplant Coordinator says, “In preparation for a kidney transplant, candidates will go through an evaluation process that includes blood and diagnostic investigations but not before obtaining legal clearance for donor and recipient from the health ministry under the Human Tissue Act.

Once the transplant has been approved, the transplant candidate will receive individualised care and treatment with regard to donor work up and recipient matching.

The transplant will be conducted by a transplant surgeon, nephrologist and supporting clinical team of anaesthesiologists and nurses.”

Post transplant care is an extremely important part of the process, and with close monitoring of kidney function and vigilance for early signs of rejection, administration of medication and so on.

Durdans Hospital, leader in regional healthcare, offers comprehensive services to individuals with kidney disease.

Our experienced team of specialists, through a multidisciplinary approach, will ensure the best care possible for a speedy recovery for transplant patients.

Our state of the art lab services provide support to renal patients through diagnostic services for tissue typing and tissue cross match.

Dedicated and efficient staff will care for patients until kidney function returns to a normal level and are happy to provide continuous observation and necessary treatment for all transplant patients received at any stage.

For more information on kidney dialysis services or transplant surgery call 011 2 140 000 or 0777 303 707

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