Janashakthi Life empowers young learners through Shilpa Shakthi

Janashakthi Insurance PLC, Sri Lanka’s pioneering Life Insurance provider, successfully inaugurated its Shilpa Shakthi Grade 5 Scholarship programme with its first three seminars for students in Embilipitiya, Kurunegala, and Dambulla respectively.

Held for the fifth consecutive year, the first seminar of the Shilpa Shakthi programme was held in Embilipitiya and was attended by 480 students, who are preparing to sit for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam.

The preparatory seminars offer holistic support for Grade 5 exam candidates, holding seminars for both students and their parents to enlighten them on how to successfully prepare and face this exam to achieve optimal results.

In total, Janashakthi Life reached 1200 students and parents through these first three seminars.

Expressing his views on the Janashakthi Shilpa Shakthi initiative, Director / Chief Executive Officer of Janashakthi Insurance PLC, Jude Fernando noted, “education is pivotal for the development of a nation and nurturing today’s young learners will pave the way to create a generation of fully fledged future leaders.

This is the very objective of the Shilpa Shakthi initiative which has helped many young students reach their maximum potential by providing them with access to improved opportunities to develop themselves.

In line with our corporate purpose of uplifting lives and empowering dreams, over the last five years, we have supported and guided over 30,000 students across the island and helped better their lives through enhanced opportunities in education.”

Success in examinations not only relies on subject knowledge.

Factors such as the method of preparation for an exam, understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, support from the family, time management, and writing clear and concise answers can be crucial for succeeding at exams.

It is imperative for parents to understand the needs of the child, refrain from exerting unnecessary pressure, and encourage and motivate the child to have a positive frame of mind during the exam.

The Shilpa Shakthi initiative by Janashakthi Life builds awareness on vital aspects of the Grade 5 Scholarship, clearly defining the roles of the young candidates and their parents.

The seminars are conducted in collaboration with renowned educationalist Bharatha Lankage and Personal Development Trainer Chandana Gunawaradane.

Together with these resource persons, the Shilpa Shakthi initiative creates and sustains a conducive environment for children to improve their overall capacity and succeed in exams, as well as in life.

In conjunction with the Shilpa Shakthi initiative, scholarships are awarded to top achievers at the Grade 5 Scholarship exam annually.

These scholarships further encourage outstanding performers at the Grade 5 exam to pursue even higher goals and perform outstandingly well in successive examinations.

With the aim of reaching out to more students and parents, Janashakthi Life intends to gradually expand this programme throughout the island in due course.

About Janashakthi Life: Founded in 1994 as a Life Insurance company, Janashakthi Insurance PLC made its mark in the industry as an innovator and household name over a span of over 24 years.

Janashakthi has a strong presence across the island, with an expanding Life Insurance network and a dedicated call centre.

In line with its newly launched purpose of uplifting lives and empowering dreams, Janashakthi Life remains committed to becoming a leader in the Life Insurance industry by delivering a service beyond Insurance to its customers and stakeholders.

For more information on Janashakthi Life, please visit www.janashakthi.com


Photo Caption

1.) Students attend the Janashakthi Life Shilpa Shakthi Year 5 Scholarship Programme seminar in Kurunegala.

2.) Parents attend the 'Sonduru Niwahana' programme in conjunction with the Janashakthi Life Shilpa Shakthi seminars.

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