Jeep Club Expedition 2019 - Route to our Roots (09 photos)

Jeep Club of Sri Lanka (JCSL), with its commitment to explore the great outdoors, meet extraordinary people and appreciate the global symbol of ‘freedom, capability and versatility’, concluded its annual expedition recently for the 5th consecutive year.

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), the only authorized distributor for Jeep in Sri Lanka was the main sponsor of the event.

The theme for this year’s expedition stood out as “Route to our Roots,” faultlessly resonating with the area of Mahiyanganaya, which is renowned for accommodating the first inhabitation of Veddas in Sri Lanka.

Members of the Jeep Club of Sri Lanka took part in the expedition alongside their family members and children, granted with a breath-taking experience of exploring the great outdoors and testing the capabilities of their respective Jeeps, which served as an educational as well as a pleasurable family experience.

The expedition turned out to be yet another unforgettable experience for the Jeep Club members.

The experience and the drive also reassured members that they have chosen the best off-road vehicle, so which is truly a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle.

Adventure is a part of the DNA of every Jeep Brand vehicle ever built and as long as curiosity drives a man to explore the edges of heaven and earth, the Jeep Brand will continue to inspire him to go beyond.

Freedom, adventure and passion are some of the core values of Jeep.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee stood out as the vehicles that took part in the journey.

Sharing his comments about the Jeep expedition, General Manager (Mercedes-Benz, Jeep & Chrysler Sales and After Sales Service) of DIMO Rajeev Pandithage stated, “It was indeed a privilege to sponsor such a memorable expedition.

The event proved an ideal opportunity for participants to catch a glimpse of Jeep vehicles in action and experience their true capabilities and versatility.

We look forward to facilitate similar activities for our Jeep members in the near future.”

The voyage kicked off from DIMO 800, travelling to Riverston, Matale, on the first day.

The participants enjoyed the enchanting magnificence of one of Sri Lanka’s renowned attractions, as the entire Matale Knuckles Mountain Range is dressed in heavy coatings of cloud.

In Sinhalese, it is known as “Dumbara,” which means ‘mountain in the mist’. Riverston Matale consists of number of beautiful waterfalls inside the forest and is home to several endemic birds and reptiles.

Several trekking paths were present for observing the surrounding nature.

The first night was spent in Mahiyanganaya where the partakers were welcomed by the Veddas at the hotel.

The second day consisted of a visit to the “Dabana” Museum, celebrated locally as a Vedda Village, where the children were educated on the roots of Sri Lankan history.

It prevailed as an extremely insightful experience for the younger generation.

JCSL has undoubtedly made it a memorable and educational experience for the participants to enjoy their getaway as a family and to explore the unbridled beauty of Sri Lanka and its roots.

The expedition, in particular, served as more than an off-road event but also as a perceptive and enjoyable retreat, made possible with the Jeep.

Consequently, the second day also included an entire run in the Maduru Oya National Park, a less frequented but riveting experience for all participants.

As a part of their social responsibility activity, JCSL also came forward to provide monetary assistance necessary for future development initiatives of the park.

The participants stood a chance to explore the wildlife of the region and be transported by the enticing exquisiteness of the region.

Following the visit to Maduru Oya National Park, the entourage wrapped up the second day of the expedition at the Cinnamon Village Habarana and was the residence for the overnight stay on the second and third nights.

The third and penultimate day of the adventures commenced with a dedicated trail at the “Kamatha Eco Lodge” where all Jeepers could test the capabilities of their Jeeps to the fullest.

It stood out as a very detailed and technical drive where everyone could push the Jeeps to their best performance and extents of the 4WD aspects Traction, Articulation, Water Fording, Manoeuvrability and Ground Clearance, which these vehicles were initially tested on.

The entirety of these aspects wasput to use at the trail. Experts from JCSL were at hand to guide members through difficult terrains and obstacles and ensured to makethem available whenever they were needed, throughout the course of the expedition.

For over 75 years, Jeep has inspired man to dream and to dare; to go farther, live larger and explore every corner of this amazing world.

The ‘Route to our Roots’ was another Jeep event organized to challenge the off-road enthusiast as well as serve as an educational experience on the roots of the motherland.

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