JLanka Technologies claims yet Another Duo of Awards at Techno Sri Lanka 2018

The pioneering solar energy provider of the Indian Ocean’s nation, JLanka Technologies proudly claims the spotlight at the Techno Award Night.

Their endures at the Techno Sri Lanka 2018 were validated with much honor upon the entitlement of 2 awards at the awards ceremony, held on Friday, the 2nd of November, 2018.

The glorious event, held at the Galle Face Hotel was graced by the Chief Guest, Eng. Kamal Amaraweera, Director General, Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka.

The gold award presented to the stall with the best display & demonstration of engineering product and the merit award for the stall with the most innovative local engineering product were two of the key titles clasped by JLanka Technologies.

Techno Sri Lanka is a noteworthy exhibition, quite famous for embracing and uplifting the innovative aspect of the old, the new and the yet to sprout.

This year too its organizers, the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka put up a welcoming platform for organizations to share their technological advancements, products and expertise.

Empowerment of innovation for sustainability roared through its wide array of events.

Techno Sri Lanka 2018 was successfully topped off by upholding and honoring the industry leaders for inventive products and technologies.

The 2018 chapter was brought to a close by the Techno Award Night, at which Jlanka Technologies was rewarded for their outstanding efforts.

“Paving the way for a sustainable future appears to be a prominent way for the survival of mankind.

In this technologically sound period, technological innovation seems to be the key that opens up passageways leading to a more promising environmental friendly, advanced future.

I believe that the empowerment of solar power generation done by us, here at JLanka Technologies falls right into that category.

I would eagerly put my hands together for the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka for conducting opportune events such as Techno Sri Lanka 2018, to promote innovation and bring about the interaction of private and public-sector organizations as well as academic institutes.

I’ll wrap up on the note that JLanka Technologies promises to return in the dawning year with an exclusive array of technological advancements that would grasp a major part of the solution to the impeding global energy issue,” commented Mrs. G. Jayasoma, Operations Director.

Ever since having being brought to existence in 2010, JLanka Technologies has fearless strived, whilst claiming each and every milestone on the path to emerging as an impactful energy technological entity and the premier solar solutions provider in the country.

They’ve also earned a longstanding reputation for quality and unmatched service in the industry.

Well-equipped with an inherent capacity for innovation and close trade relationships with global solar industry giants such as Trina Solar, SolarEdge, JLanka Technologies has been providing solar power solutions to a customer base of over 3,500.

The passionate engineers and support staff continue to demonstrate its integral inventiveness and fueled commitment to technological procedures through heavy investments in research and development in the field in order to embark on more outstanding ventures.

The fully integrated design approach and energy monitoring software makes JLanka Technologies unique in its’ field of work.


Photo captions

1.) Mrs. G Jayasoma – Operations Director, JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd accompanied by Eng. Nalin D. Karunasinghe - Consultant - R&D, JLanka Power & Energy (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Sajith Batagoda - Senior Marketing Executive, JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Sujeeva Premaratne - Head of Business, JLanka e-Mobility (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Dulan Sampath - System Development Engineer - R&D, JLanka Power & Energy (Pvt) Ltd receives the Gold award for the Stall with the Best Display & Demonstration of Engineering Product on behalf of JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. from the Guest of Honour Maj. Gen K R P Rovel accompanied Eng. (Prof.) T M Pallewatta - President IESL 2018/19.

2.) Eng. Niyas Samad - Techno Sri Lanka Committee 2018 and Eng. (Prof.) T M Pallewatta - President IESL 2018/19 present the merit award presented to the Stall with the most innovative Local Engineering Product to Mrs. G. Jayasoma - Director Operations, JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and Eng. Nalin D. Karunasinghe - Consultant - R&D, JLanka Power & Energy (Pvt) Ltd

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