SLT Proudly launches Asia’s first Voice APP -“SLT Voice App”

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the National Telecommunication Services provider in Sri Lanka is equipped to launch its latest customer-friendly, ground-breaking “SLT Voice App” in order to enhance the voice calling capacity of SLT users.

Indeed, the SLT is proud to introduce this innovative “SLT Voice App” to Sri Lankans for the first time in Asian region.

In Sri Lanka, almost all the working professionals, executive personnel, teenagers, young adults and also SLT Broadband customers are passionately using SMART devices like Smart phones and Tablets to pace up with the fast-moving globe.

Especially, the young adults are much enthusiastic towards using technologies such as ‘internet calls.’

It is prerequisite to provide an easy access to a digital contact list even with a home phone as our precious customers are hand in hand with advanced technological applications.

Hence the availability of a virtual contact list plus the feasible mobility would undoubtedly boost up the expectations of SLT landline owners.

Absolutely, the “SLT Voice App” is the apt innovation in this facet.

The finest benefits offered with this facility are many.

The customer will be able to connect his or her landline connection with up to four other SMART devices of choice.

For registrations, log on to and register up to 4 mobile numbers.

The “SLT Voice App” can be downloaded from ‘Play Store’ for Android users and ‘Apple Store’ for Apple users.

Registered callers will be able to make and receive uninterrupted clarity voice calls conveniently via SLT Wi-Fi network.

The OTT calling services like “WhatsApp” & “Viber” require the same App in both calling and receiving ends along with continuous internet connectivity.

Advantageously, “SLT Voice App” caller can make a call to any phone, from anywhere via SLT Wi-Fi network.

In fact, there is no need to have the internet connectivity or the same application installed on the receiving end of the call.

Once the landline connection is connected to the mobile smart devices, users are provided with mobile phone features like the ‘Contact List’ on home phone connection as well.

This would be a great opportunity to all the SLT landline customers to flock together with the nation’s trusted SLT landline service forever.

The “SLT Voice App” has unique capabilities such as device independence, location independence, enhanced privacy and enhanced Paymaster control. SLT landline allows Paymaster to manage voice communication budget of the family dependents in an efficient way.

The customer is entitled to use the particular free minute voice call allocations on the registered SLT voice package.

Furthermore, SLT is granting low calling rates for the calls through voice app along with lower health hazards.

Together with these exceptional value-added benefits, the customers are privileged to have no data charges or no additional rentals in applying and enjoying this astounding facility.

With this marvelous SLT Voice App facility, your voice calls are at your fingertips and are revolutionarily easy to manage.

Take your call from your mobile phone and feel free to bill it to your home phone bill.

SLT, the prominent telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka, is delighted to announce the launching of this novel “SLT Voice App” which will be flapping its wings on May 08th at the Galadari Hotel Colombo.

Last modified on Friday, 10 May 2019 04:30