Uga Escapes’ Uga Bay and Chena Huts win two South Asian Travel Awards

The Uga Escapes hotel chain, one of the island’s most diverse, exclusive and opulent, swept away two awards at the South Asian Travel Awards held recently in Male, Maldives.

Both Uga Bay and Chena Huts, two of their star properties,were recognised and honoured at the event for their superior hospitality efforts, not just with regards to their exceptional customer service, but also vigilance in the awareness and implementation of sustainable business practices whenever and wherever possible.

Chena Huts and Uga Bay were respectively awarded the Leading Wildlife Resort in Sri Lanka, and the Leading Boutique Resort in Sri Lanka/ Leading Luxury Resort in Sri Lanka.

Uga Bay which is perched on the edge of sunny, resplendent Passikudah, is a tropical haven all of its own, and has enamoured many a tourist over the years.

Overlooking some of the most stunning beaches strung along a palm-fringed coastline, the setting is captivatingly idyllic, and in some ways surreal especially when backed with acute customer care.

Elegant, luxurious, exceedingly comfortable and a true escape, Uga Bay also offers an underground spa and sumptuous cuisine, prepared from locally sourced ingredients whenever and wherever possible.

With 46 expansive, well-decked out rooms and 2 plush suites on offer, Uga Bay is ideal for travellers from all walks of life, be they solo, honeymooners or families.

Each of the rooms and suites also offer panoramic views of Passikudah Bay just beyond.

Chena Huts, one of their more recent additions,takes you to the heart of Sri Lanka’s diverse wilderness without compromising on luxury.

Guests are given a glimpse of Yala, world renowned for its spectacular array of wildlife, particularly the Sri Lankan leopard.

Uga Escapes helps its clients explore the island’s second-largest nature reserve up-close, whilst indulging in contemporary facilities, including detached private pavilions, irresistible cocktails, delectable food, and climate-controlled living spaces.

With just fourteen1130sqft cabins to choose from and built-in 5m private plunge pools, utmost privacy and tranquillity is assured to all guests.

Each of the cabins have been inspired by and designed based on the traditional concept of ‘chena’ cultivation, a practice deeply seeped in the roots of local tradition.

This allows Chena Huts to effortlessly blend into the background and culture, morphing with the jungle surroundings all round for a seamless experience.

Uga Escapes is, as a whole committed to crafting authentically Sri Lankan experiences, whilst being consistently backed by the principles of eco-living and sustainability, integrating these practices into every facet of their operations where possible.

About Us

Uga Escapes is a fully owned subsidiary of the Finco Group. Incorporated in 1963, the group comprises of several companies recording success in diverse fields.

The company owns boutique properties offering unique experiences across the island that include Ulagalla in Anuradhapura, Jungle Beach, Trincomalee, and Uga Bay, Pasikudah, Residence by Uga Escapes in the heart of Colombo and the latest addition Chena Huts in Yala.

The harmonious blend of tropical and Mediterranean architecture that is Uga Bay, enjoys one of the best beachfront prospects at Pasikudah with an ocean view across the lush palm fringed garden of Uga Bay for every one of its 48 rooms and suites.

Walk just metres from the beach to the reef for shallow dives or snorkels, cast your rod for Trevally Jack and Garoupa, speed across the bay in our jet skis, dive famous WW2 wrecks, sail on evening escapes on a private catamaran or simply soak up the sun relaxing by the pool.

Nestled among dunes and trees at the ocean’s edge in Yala, is Chena Huts.

Overlooking a beach where sea-turtles come to lay eggs by moonlight and elephants wander down from the nearby jungle to play in the surf, Chena Huts is fringed on one landward side by the tropical jungle, and on the other by a saline lake where ibises, painted storks and even flamingos may be seen, wading in the shallows.At this small, select property, the ‘huts’ are in fact luxurious detached, private pavilions offering fine views of the surrounding wilderness and seascape. 

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