DIMO launches its first digital venture - “Pick My Load”

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), one of the leading automobile companies in Sri Lanka, recently launched “PickMyLoad”, a unique mobile application that will enable the general public to easily find a way to deliver or transport goods from one location to another.

In today’s developing environment, when a customer requires transport services to deliver goods, they have to visit the nearest town centre or park to find an appropriate vehicle.

There is a good chance that a vehicle won’t be available, and even if available, it might not have the correct loading capacity.

Issues increase, as customers have to negotiate prices, give pick-up locations and drop-off details, etc.

PickMyLoad enables customers to choose from a wide variety of transport vehicles such as cargo three-wheelers, small trucks, pickups, lorries, tippers and even prime movers.

It provides the ability to source potential transporters, provide pick-up and drop-off locations and track deliveries on the app, in real time.

A standard per kilometre price will be available across each type of vehicle allowing the customer to get an idea of the total cost based on the number of kilometres from pickup to drop-off location.

Customers can download the app through the Google Play Store/iOS app store and will have the ability to pay via cash or credit/debit card.

After every hire, they will be able to rate the delivery service on the app, ensuring that customers have access to the best service at all times.

Expressing his views, Ranjith Pandithage - Chairman and Managing Director of DIMO stated, “Technological advancements enable companies to add more value to its customers.

We are confident, this innovative business venture of DIMO will take Sri Lanka's transportation industry to the next level by linking vehicle owners and customers who wanted to transport their goods in an efficient and effective manner.”

Sharing his thoughts, Gahanath Pandithage - Group CEO of DIMO commented, "PickMyLoad is the latest innovation of DIMO.

If you look at the broader spectrum of this business model, it is clear that this innovation will encourage entrepreneurship in the country.

It has given us the opportunity to introduce latest technologies to SMEs and small start-ups to uplift their businesses."

Vijitha Bandara Director of DIMO stated, “PickMyLoad is a much-needed transportation solution that leverages mobile technology.

Today delivery is major a problem for the businesses, especially for SMEs and SOHO (Small Office/ Home Office) segments.

Customers are looking to transport goods from point A to point B in the most cost-effective way possible.

This app will provide them with the most convenient way of finding the right vehicle nearby for the right budget.

We will continue to build our active driver-base so that customers will have a larger number of drivers, with greater variety of vehicles, to meet any demand they have.”

“There is no doubt that the PickMyLoad app is a win-win solution for all parties.

Through DIMO’s domain knowledge, we will be able to increase the partner-driver community.

We will also be able to meet the increasing demands of goods transportation in Sri Lanka and help improve the lives of the partner driver community in the process,” he concluded.

For more information in regards to Pick My Load, please visit www.pickmyload.lk


Founded in 1939 as a purely automobile sales and repair concern, Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) has since grown in size as well as in scope of activities.

The company currently has over 1,700 employees as at March 2017 with an annual turnover of Rs. 44.4 Billion (2016/2017).

DIMO has a record of almost 80 years of experience in the automobile and engineering industry.

Over the years, the company has made significant contributions towards the development of infrastructure development and road transportation in Sri Lanka.

From a company known for vehicles, DIMO today has diversified into many areas.

Medical Engineering, Building Management Systems, Power Generation and Distribution, Material Handling, Storage and Warehouse solutions, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipment, Total Lighting Solutions, Power Systems and Generators, Refrigeration, Ship Repairing and Driver Training Courses are some of the areas into which DIMO has entered during the past few decades.

DIMO is currently looking beyond Sri Lanka to expand their operations and have also gone into fertilizer and seeds industry locally.

More information can be found at www.dimolanka.com and at www.facebook.com/DimoSrilanka.

Photo Caption

1.) From left: DIMO Director Vijitha Bandara, Chairman & Managing Director Ranjith Pandithage and Group CEO Gahanath Pandithage

2.) “Pick My Load” an unique mobile application to assist customers to deliver goods

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