Pilot breaks down in tears giving farewell speech to passengers mid-air on his last flight ( video )

Wednesday, 22 August 2018 05:04

This is the emotional moment a pilot breaks down in tears as he gives a farewell speech to passengers on his final flight.

Captain Rizalino Irizari had been flying from Davao to Cebu City in the Philippines last Saturday morning - a day before his 67th birthday.

The flight had been delayed due to severe flooding and rain across the Philippines.

So when the pilot left the Airbus A320 cockpit and walked into the aisle to pick up the in-flight announcer, passengers became anxious.

But the captain, who is in his late 60s, then broke down in tears as he addressed those on board to reveal it was his last flight as a pilot.

He said: ''Welcome aboard flight 600 for Cebu. It's a pleasure to have you on board.

''I would like to inform you that, in my career, this is my last flight here.

''My 48 years of flying in aviation, a big thing for me.''

He then repeats it in Filipino telling passengers that he had ''missed a lot of Sundays'' during his career and would now have time to attend Church.

The pilot, who was flying with Filipino carrier Cebu Pacific Air, then broke down in tears as he gave details of the rest of the flight, telling those onboard that the plane is cruising at an altitude of 28,000ft.

He thanked the cabin crew, who are also in tears, for listening as the passengers clap and cheer his emotional speech.

The experienced pilot was greeted with a traditional water salute after touching down in Cebu City around 30 minutes later before fellow pilots welcomed him off the aircraft.

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