PickMe’s Drive towards Faster, Safer and Smarter Mobility to the Nation

Thursday, 27 September 2018 02:08

Reinforcing its stronghold across the country, PickMe is currently spearheading an expansion drive.

Accordingly, the Company has opened offices in Colombo, Kandy, Gampaha, Kurunegala and Galle. Moreover, the Company has to date widen the reach to Negombo, Kaduwela, Wellampitiya, Piliyandala, Aththidiya, Kalutara, Matale and Ja-Ela via the agent network.

Commenting on the strategic drive to become the mobility provider to the nation, Jiffry Zulfer, CEO, PickMe said, “Within a span of three years’ time, we’ve established ourselves as the most trusted mobility partner in the country for transportation needs.

Strategically, this is the right time to reinforce our stronghold and broaden our foot print across the country establishing the commitment of Faster, Safer and Smarter travelling for our patrons while assuring secure employment for driver partners”.

PickMe enjoys a strong market presence in the commercial capital Colombo as well as other areas in Sri Lanka with many passengers choosing the app to pick their choice of vehicle to travel.

“Our journey for the last three years has not only been a successful but also a fulfilling one.

PickMe assures our driver partners the sense of security and wellbeing of regular employment and helps them earn the respect of the community.

On the other hand, passengers enjoy the reliability and convenience that accompanies a well-managed, technologically empowered service,” commented Isira Perera, COO, Pick Me.

PickMe provides passengers a range of vehicle options including Tuk Tuks, cars and vans to VIP vehicles.

PickMe driver partners enjoy the security of a steady income as well as the satisfaction of an elevated social position that comes with the profession.

PickMe Trucks, the latest entrant to the fore was introduced to the already large fleet of PickMe as a Smarter and Faster transport solution for Small and Medium Scales Businesses, Large Corporates and Individuals.

This service also opens avenues for entrepreneurs and start-ups to facilitate transport of their products from around the country to their market of choice.

About PickMe

PickMe is tech-based company that has brought ride hailing to your fingertips via an app.

PickMe currently has over 1 million passengers and thousands of drivers spread across various key locations in Island.

In addition to this, PickMe also provides corporate travelling solutions to businesses and organizations via its Business Portal, the benefits of which are currently enjoyed by over 950 corporates in the country.

PickMe s Drive towards Faster Safer and Smarter Mobility to the Nation

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