Pre-paying for parking is made easier with Pay&Go

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 14:29

Tenaga Car Parks (Pvt) Ltd, South Asia’s largest parking Management Company, having over 100 parking meters in Colombo entered into an agreement with MegaPay Pvt Ltd to enable pre-payment for parking.

MegaPay (Private) Limited, operating under the brand name ‘Pay&Go’, provides a system for bill payments such as mobile and telephone bills, utility bills, cable TV bills, insurance premium, leasing rentals, donations etc and has just added on parking fees payment to their portfolio.

The agreement Tenaga has with Mega Pay gives commuters many choices and the ability to tailor their parking experience to fit their individual need and allows motorist to pay through MegaPay’s following channels:

• at any of Mega Pay’s 600 kiosks conveniently located all around Sri Lanka

• Pay&Go Mobile App

• web page

Duminda Jayatilake, Managing Director of Tenaga Car Parks said “Today, when you park your car you won’t need to carry cash with you.

As technology progresses, there are readily available options for commuters and we at Tenaga invite you to make full use of the many options available.

Our newest addition is MegaPay’s ‘Pay&Go’ system which we are delighted to offer all motorists.

Marketing and Business Development Manager of MegaPay Pvt Ltd, Ushantha Samaraweera speaking at the launch of the collaboration said that mobile payment technology is taking over the transportation scene.

“The partnership with Tenaga will allow MegaPay kiosks and online channels to accept both parking meter payments as well as fines, thereby simplifying and making convenient the parking meter payment”.

“Being at the forefront of behavioral change is MegaPay’s ethos and adopting the discipline of paying for parking is one of those trends that we are happy to be associated with”, Ushantha went on to note.

“When a motorist parks in a parking bay, the ticket could be obtained from the closest parking meter or pay at one of our kiosks.

Additionally they can enter their vehicle number and make payment through their mobiles.

Stuck in an interview in the city? No time to feed the meter? No worries” added Samaraweera.

About Tenaga Car Parks (Pvt) Ltd

Tenaga Car Parks is the pioneer in providing parking and traffic management solutions in Sri Lanka.

The company has commissioned 100 solar powered parking meters in Colombo, with an investment of LKR 250 million, in a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) with Colombo Municipal Council.

The parking meters have a system where once a car occupies a parking spot, owners must pay the parking fee before departing.

With over 20 years of experience in industrialized countries, Tenaga has managed facilities in Malaysia and India with the help of international partners including CALE, Gtechna and Negete (Next Generation Technologies).

About MegaPay Pvt Ltd

MegaPay (Private) Limited, operating under the brand “Pay&Go”, is FinTech company which inaugurate the Sri Lanka's largest self-service Kiosk Network from 2012 and now already established more than 600 units.

Pay&Go wide solutions are set to provide most innovative, convenient, secured and easy methods for businesses to accept payments and for customers to pay any kind of bill payment.

As a government regulated and approved payment channel, Pay&Go serves to 65+ service providers by providing the most demanded and reliable payment option for their customers.

Photo Caption : From left to right Roshean Rozairo – Asst. Manager Public Relations Tenaga Carparks (Pvt.) Ltd, Dilshan Mathew – Head of Business Development & Operations Tenaga Carparks (Pvt.) Ltd, Rehab Ariff – Director Operations Tenaga Carparks (Pvt.) Ltd and Duminda Jayathilake – Managing Director Tenaga Carparks (Pvt.) Ltd, Vardan Aslibekyan – General Director MegaPay Pvt Ltd, Ushantha Samaraweera – Marketing and Business Development Manager MegaPay Pvt Ltd

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