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Clogard Provides Pre-school Children with a 'Smile for Life' On World Oral Care Day

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated every year on the 20th of March.

It is an international day to celebrate the importance of good oral health habits and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of looking after one’s oral hygiene.

The theme for WOHD 2015 is “Smile for life”, which has a dual meaning of ‘lifelong smile’ and ‘celebrating life’.

Hemas Manufacturing Ltd’s flagship toothpaste brand, Clogard recently concluded its nationwide campaign of encouraging and rewarding consumers who pledge their assurance of keeping their families’ cavity free.

The overall campaign aims to create behavioral changes which result in a healthier, tooth cavity free Sri Lanka.

As a part of the national campaign to eradicate cavities, Clogard is now raising awareness among pre-school teachers on oral health care so that they are equipped to teach children on cavity protection.

To celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) this year, Clogard proudly partnered with the Regional Directorate of Health Services in Colombo to improve the oral health status of the pre-school children in Sri Lanka.

On the 19th of March, pre-school teachers from 200 schools in Colombo gathered at the Mahamathya Vidyalaya in Athurugiriya to participate in the “Oral Healthcare Promotion and Education Program for Pre-School Teachers.”

Dr. J.M.W Jayasundara Bandara, Deputy Director General(Dental Services)- Ministry of Health, Dr. Deepthi Perera, Provincial Director of Health Services - Western Province, Dr Prageeth Dharshana, Deputy Regional Director of Health Services Colombo and many officials from the Health and Education Ministries graced the programme this year.

Clogard believes that the oral health of pre-school children is of top priority as their oral health will determine the oral health status of future generation.

Pre-school teachers play an important role in influencing children to adopt a healthy oral lifestyle.

Commenting on this initiative, Dr. Vipula Wickramasinghe, Additional Regional Dental Surgeon – Colombo, noted “Our aim is to reduce dental caries among young children in order to enhance their educational activities and provide them with a lifestyle free from dental caries.

In keeping with the World Oral Health Day theme; 'Smile for Life', we have come forward to educate pre-school teachers on oral health by providing them with an understanding on healthy dietary patterns, oral hygiene practices, standard physical activities and developing health related educational materials.

By educating pre- school teachers, we are able to provide our younger generation with a 'Smile for Life'”.

In keeping with the Hemas vision of “Enriching the Lives of Our Consumers”, the oral care partner at the event Clogard, presented each pre-school teacher with an oral care kit which serves as a guide to educate pre-school children.

The kit included interactive, child-friendly oral care related materials for child development and education.

“Through our collective efforts as an organization, Hemas has become the foremost cooperate in championing good oral health of families nationwide.

Through this initiative, Clogard has educated pre-school children and teachers on oral hygiene.

As the number one Sri Lankan cavity preventer who understands the needs of our consumer, we felt it is our duty to instill good oral hygiene practices among young children.

Inculcating good habits at a young age, will enable us to make Sri Lanka, our country a cavity free nation” stated Roy Joseph, Managing Director, Hemas Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd.

Successfully combining the time-tested goodness of clove oil and scientifically tested fluoride, Clogard is a unique toothpaste which takes care of the nation’s dental health.

This distinctive blend harnesses both nature and science and caters to the oral care needs of Sri Lankan families.

About Hemas

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