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AVIC-INTL continues to assist Lawris Girls Home under ‘Raise the future with love’ campaign

China National Aero Technology International Engineering Corporation (AVIC-INTL) recently conducted a charitable donation programme in support of the Lawris Girl’s Home, Colombo, for the third consecutive year.

Through the programme, AVIC INTL donated Rs. 300,000 worth of food, supplies, stationary, cooking utensils, electrical and other essential items to the home as part of an on-going commitment to help support and nurture disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka.

The Lawris Girls’ Home was founded by the wife of famous Sri Lankan educationalist and former principal of Nalanda College, Mr. D.C. Lawris.

Since its establishment, the home has adopted and provided a caring abode for more than 2,000 orphaned children.

AVIC INTL’s involvement with the home commenced in 2014 when it held its first donation campaign for the Lawris Girls’ Home under the name Raise the Future with Love.

Delivering a message of support to the home just prior to the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL Engineering, Sri Lankan Branch said:

“We wish the children and staff of the Lawris Girls’ Home a very happy and prosperous new year.

It has been a great pleasure for us to provide the assistance and services we can to help improve the living environment and education for these children and we promise to continuously extend our support to these children and the Lawris Girls’ Home in future.”

Commenting on this year’s donation campaign, Vice Principal of the Lawris Girls’ Home, Mrs. Kumari, expressed her sincere gratitude to the representatives of AVIC INTL and the positive example they had set through the continuous assistance to the Lawris Girls’ Home while urging other corporates and individuals to emulate that example by supporting the Lawris Home and other similar organizations that work to assist and uplift underprivileged communities and children across the island.

While working to promote foreign direct investment projects in Sri Lanka and carrying out its own construction projects in partnership with local companies, AVIC INTL has also placed significant emphasis on social welfare activities for the past six years that they have been present in Sri Lanka.

These include projects to drill free tube-wells for communities surrounding project sites, carrying out maintenance of local roads, donations of educational supplies and stationary to schools and disaster relief for communities affected by mud and landslides that took place in recent years.

The company also remains confident and invested in the social and economic development of Sri Lanka as a whole through mutual cooperation and support between Sri Lanka and China.

Captions :

1,) Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL presents the Lawris Girls’ Home with the donation.

2.) Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL Engineering with one of the children at Lawris Girls’ Home

3.) Miss. Feng Yao, Manager of Human Resource Dept, AVIC-INTL opens gifts of stationary for the girls at the orphanage

4.) Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL Engineering (middle) and employees from AVIC-INTL Engineering with the children from orphanage

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